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Christine Morlet


Christine Morlet's experience includes 25 years of success in influence & leadership coaching, negotiation, public speaking and leaders' coaching of fortune 500 companies, (among others) Shiseido, Chanel, LVMH (Dior Parfum), Sephora, Peugeot, Millipore-Merck, Mars Chocolates, Disney, Capsugel-Pfizer Inc"¦Christine allowed hundreds of CEOs & Senior managers to improve their influence, leadership & negotiation skills to create much better impacts and get better results.Her customers say that she can transform average communicators into uncontested leaders and basic negotiators into top earning superstars! Her charisma and her master of public speaking skills captivate audiences all over Europe. She gives more than 100 presentations a year among others, on negotiation and presentation skills! Christine earns the CSP award in the USA (since June 2012) which makes her become the first Certified Speaking Professional in France. Her unlimited energy and her contagious enthusiasm either as an opening speaker, workshop leader, and master of ceremony make of her a precious partner for your next event!


Motivation & Team Building

Sales & Negotiation

Influencing skills

Presentation skills
Step away from EGOtiation and walk into NEGOtiation! - You are not born a negotiator, though you can become one!

The secrets of greats speakers to get more impact and influence 

You can hear very well and be a poor listener

She also teaches Communication & influencing skills: 

  • The Strasbourg Management School 
  • American Business School in Paris
  • SKEMA Business School  in Sophia Antipolis


Whole Brain Selling & negotiating, public speaking Industry: Retail, real estate, direct selling, pharmaceutical, public affairs

  • "Why do (good) negotiators get what they desire?"
  • "Step into your customers' brain! The secrets of relational selling"
  • "How to introduce yourself in less than 2 minutes and create a real impact"
  • "Better understand Self & Others"

References & Press

What customer say: "She transforms any ordinary communicators into uncontested leaders and rudimentary negotiators into top earning superstars!"


Since 2013, Christine had several press exposures both in National newspapers and on TV. France2, France5, M6, Parisian Magazine"¦ had programs focused on negotiation. Journalists followed Christine negotiating in day to day life and shared her advises.