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Christoph Diefenthal
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Christoph Diefenthal, graduate computer scientist, certified coach & speaker is an expert when it comes to teamwork. He knows computer science from pretty much every perspective: developer, project manager, team leader and as an entrepreneur. In the theater, he found as an actor what is often missing in the corporate world and not infrequently the reason for failing projects: The enthusiasm to try out multiple roles, to admit mistakes and to learn from them together. Today, Christoph Diefenthal supports teams in meeting each other in a new way, accepting what is right now and going for what is possible together. His clients include international corporations as well as medium-sized companies. In his coaching sessions and lectures, he inspires his participants with refreshing impulses from the world of information technology and the transfer to everyday cooperation in the company. He encourages people to try out new things in their teams, to grow as individuals and thus to contribute to the success of the whole team.


DreamTeam- Together instead of against each other

  • How to turn anger and resentment towards other colleagues and departments into positive cooperation at an early stage
  • How to value the strengths of each individual across departments, bring them together and make them into a big whole
  • How to develop a team mindset, celebrate successes together and achieve goals

TeamFlow - Be as you are and do what you can

  • How to identify and nurture the talents of your team
  • How to bring together and build a strength-oriented team 
  • How a positively lived error culture becomes the growth engine of your team

ProjektPower - With collaborative teamwork to success

  • Scrum, Kanban & Co - With which agile method you get your team going and keep it on track. 
  • How to save time, avoid conflicts, and strengthen team communication and results with the right organizational methods & tools
  • How to celebrate iterative successes and achieve your goals




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"Christoph did a great job of getting the participants out of their comfort zone and into a new exchange with each other. We not only took away methods for our daily work, but also rediscovered our common goals. In the end, everyone had the positive feeling that together we can face any task."
Porsche Motorsports -  Matthias Scholz, Director GT RaceCars

"In Christoph's workshop I got to know and appreciate my colleagues from a new side. We laughed a lot and discovered a whole new level on which to be with each other. It was really fun to experience the colleagues in a completely different way."
Iteratec GmbH - Julia L. und Heiko Schrader, Geschäftstellenleiter

"Christoph did a great job of bringing the participants of our event into contact with each other and creating a positive, open and humorous atmosphere. Everyone was able to show their acting talent and had a lot of fun doing it."
Deutsche Bahn Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH - Susan Kreter, Change

"Christoph is convincing!  Entertaining, relaxed, funny, understandable and inspiring. I not only take something away for myself as a leader, but also for myself personally. Thank you!"
HumanITy GmbH - Kevin Welter, Geschäftsführer



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