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Dipl.-Inform. Christoph Holz
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Christoph Holz explains the future in an incomparable and humorous way. Suitable for your event and your industry, he picks up his audience where they are with exciting thought experiments. The topics are determined by the participants via throwing microphone, voting app or show of hands during the lecture. You've never experienced anything like it! The computer scientist and aerospace engineer knows what he's talking about. He is a start-up founder, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Angel investor and a true cyborg. His activities as a speaker, podcaster and university lecturer have taken Holz from CeBit and TedX, to Google, Nigeria and China. Christoph Holz knows how to inspire with linguistic wit, impressive images and extraordinary examples. He combines technology, society and business into a meaningful whole and whets the appetite for a successful future.


HUMANISM AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Overcoming bureaucracy and strengthening competitiveness with ChatGPT and Co; Generative Intelligence poses essential questions: Will there still be work, employees or companies? Does humanity have a future? If so, which one?


HAPPY END BY ROCKETSCIENCE? The future of sustainability. Climate change, war and disease: How do we solve humanity's biggest problems with space technology, quantum computing and blockchain just like that?

THE SELF-DRIVING HOSPITAL. The future of health.  How are artificial intelligence, smart machines, the Internet of Things and quantum computing revolutionizing our health?

FACEBOOK'S METAVERSE BECOMES A REAL STATE? Why do we still have cities when everyone has a smartphone? What does digital democracy mean? How do we want to organize our society in the future?

WINNETOU FACTOR - NEW WORK AND DIGITAL LEADERSHIP IN THE AGE OF THE HOME OFFICE. What can we learn from the Apaches about the future of work? Why is the digital entrepreneurial society coming?

DIGITAL REVOLUTION - THE REVENGE OF THE NERDS. Is the future still being designed or already programmed? Ethical questions about responsibility & power relations.

CROSSING THE CONCRETE MIXER WITH TESLA - THE FUTURE OF MOBILITY & LOGISTICS. How smart machines and generative intelligence are changing the structure of our economy and opening up new markets.

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Mind games as a training camp for a successful
future. Thought experiments do not predict the future. But they can make complex realities tangible. They play with the conceivable, take away the fear of the unknown and foster our ethical intuition. With my thought experiments, the lecture is interactively shaped by the audience along their specific interests. A method that is fun on- and offline, intensifies the lecture experience and involves people emotionally - and has a long-lasting effect.

Winner Digitization -
SPEAKERSLAM Awards Stuttgart and New York 2019

Customers and lectures: Atos, BMW, CeBIT, CISCO, Deutsche
Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung, DREI, Digital Summit Zürich, DILK, eDay, Die Presse, eFuture Day, FH-Kufstein, FH-Salzburg, Gamescom, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Kepler Society, O2,  OTTO, Quantum Information Center UST China, RedBull, Rotes Kreuz, Schneider Electric, Swarovski, TEDx, Telefonica, ThyssenKrupp, u. v. m.

TV expert: CNBC, DW, Hamburg1, ORF, Sat.1, Welt/N24, n-tv

Customer testimonials in Proven Expert:

„Wonderfully witty, laconic and insightful performance on futurerelevant content.“

"Super performance ride through the greatest variables of humanity, explained from the past to the future. Gigantic didactics and analytics and fine ironic entertainment. This lecture sets the overall framework."

"With great wit and dry humor, he brought the subject to the audience. Known and unknown in the right context resulted in many new insights and food for thought."

"Christoph Holz is an extremely inspiring speaker who manages to captivate the audience through a combination of personality, wit and competence."



Von den besten Experten profitieren, Band 1: Inspiration, Insights, Impulse

ISBN : 3990602012

24.95 €


Raum neu denken: Von der Digitalisierung zur Dezentralisierung (Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Föderalismus)

ISBN : 3700321686

30.00 €


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