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30 years of stage experience, a sold-out Porsche Arena and millions of TV viewers: Christoph Sonntag is one of Germany's top entertainers. In addition to regular comedy series on the radio and around 150 live appearances a year, the cabaret artist can also be booked as a speaker and presenter for closed events such as gala events, company celebrations and congresses. Thanks to his decades of experience on stage, radio, television and in private, he has developed a fine sense for his audience: He picks up on the moods and tensions of his audience and shapes them into a wonderful evening in which one laugh chases the next. In his lectures he inspires his participants with a firework of knowledge, tips and humor. Whether it's saving the world as Brother Christophorus or dealing with challenges in your business, Christoph Sonntag knows how to weave your company internals into his talk with humor and a laugh and, at the end, create the feeling in the audience: Today I learned a lot, laughed even more and understood one thing - we can do this!


Crime scene shitstorm in business - 
This can't happen to us! And if it does...

  • How you, individual employees or your company can be pushed down the stairs and ride the elevator back up again.
  • How to turn crises into opportunities and build resilience in your business, team and personal life
  • How to recognize friend and foe and unmask your real adversaries
  • Five effective measures for dealing with emergencies the right way

Learn first-hand exciting details from the reality of a massive denunciation campaign, learn how to recognize and avoid dangerous stairs in time and how to quickly find the saving elevator in an emergency. Presented by probably the funniest television comedian in southern Germany. Christoph Sonntag hands you an important toolkit during this lecture - laughter guaranteed.


Humor helps - Let's all not take ourselves so seriously

  • How to reach your goals faster with the right sense of humor when dealing with colleagues, customers and upper floors

The individual event character lives from your company information. The cabaret artist inserts these into the presentation in an extremely amusing way. We are happy to provide an unforgettable live experience, which we discuss together in advance in a briefing.

And it's still spinning -
How you can save the world if you want.

As the holy brother Christophorus Sonntag (1664 - 1717), known from the SWR cult TV show, he preaches how you can improve your life and change the world with joy, enthusiasm and fun, if you want to. Sometimes angry and rumbling, sometimes to smirk and laugh but always in the ductus: "You may, but you must not." From A for species extinction to B for stock market to Z for good measure. Let yourself be life-changingly impressed by his radical gentleness and his wisdom.

References & Press

"Swabia's intelligent answer to Mario Barth. The comedian with the 'Revolvergosch' needs a maximum of three sentences to put politicians through the satirical meat grinder."
Pforzheimer Zeitung 

Excerpt moderations/appearances:

50 Jahre GVS Stuttgart, Fachmesse AGFW Karlsruhe, Stallwächterparty Berlin, Porsche Cayenne Präsentation Stuttgart, Deutscher Multimedia Kongress (DMMK) Berlin, SWR3 Seefest, Daimler AG 35 Jahre G-Klasse, Salzburger Stier, BOSCH Family Day, Porsche 50 Jahre 911er, Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen Hamburg, SWR Fernsehen 


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