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Christopher Peterka - The Scout
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Christopher Peterka was born in 1978 in Hückeswagen and grew up well-sheltered in the Bergisches Land as the son of two teachers. As an author, forecast futurist, serial founder, and investor, he has been training the imagination for innovative developments for three decades under the motto: “My destiny is the future.”


Under the brand "The Scout," he reports on what could become reality for his audience the day after tomorrow: new technologies, new business models, new behavior patterns. In lightning speed and free speech, he builds bridges from the everyday practice of his clients into possible futures in just a few minutes.


In order to achieve this, he conducts intensive personal field research on future images of doers in business, politics, and culture around the globe. Still in high school, he founded his first company with a school friend at the end of the 90s, achieving seven-figure sales within a year. In 2000, he conceptualized voice control of computers and founded again—this time with the support of venture capital investors.



Peterka's leitmotif is his progressive, optimistic stance in favor of an economically sustainable future in freedom and peace. He speaks plainly about the situation: "We have long been in an open battle for the supremacy of political value systems. Will we find our livelihood in US dependence on technology giants? Will we have to find our way in a Chinese-dominated system?


Or will we perhaps still - and once again - manage to outsmart the rest of the world with our own ingenuity? Unlike many technology enthusiasts, Peterka puts his finger on the current wounds of a lack of curiosity, self-indulgent engineering romanticism and sluggish loyalty to authority.


In this way, he awakens the spirit, tickles the intellect and motivates people to embark on practical change - with a smile.




I. Human 2.0 - Your role as a designer in the AI revolution

End of the comfort zone: Find out why the myths of irreplaceable human creativity and empathy are outdated and how you need to respond to them in order to remain competitive.

  • Practical human-AI symbiosis: Discover how you can develop the optimal interaction between humans and machines in your company through targeted research and experiments using specific company examples.
  • Forward-looking talent development: Learn how to make your company a magnet for the skilled workers of the future by boldly redesigning job and training profiles.

II. Leadership 2030 - The symbiosis of people, AI and data as the key to corporate success

  • Man vs. machine was yesterday: Find out how the integration of AI strengthens your leadership skills and takes your decisions to a new level.
  • Data-driven people management: Discover how you can use AI-supported insights to support your teams in a more targeted way and measurably increase employee satisfaction.
  • The AI Leadership Compass: Concrete strategies for implementing a balanced human-machine collaboration that maximizes your company's innovative strength and efficiency.


III. Revolutionary change - your company in the eye of the perfect storm

Beyond the comfort zone: Find out why incremental changes are no longer enough in the current polycrisis and how radical rethinking can save your company from going under.

  • Geopolitical seismograph: Discover how you can not only make the tectonic shifts in the world order legible for your company, but also use them as opportunities for courageous repositioning.
  • Paradigm shift as an accelerator: Learn concrete strategies on how to become a pioneer in your industry by resolutely questioning your structures and processes and shaping disruption yourself.

IV. Thought control X.0 - How Neurolink is revolutionizing the future of your company

Efficiency leap through the power of thought: Discover how direct human-machine interfaces can increase your productivity by up to 300%. Competitive advantage of the future: Find out why companies that invest in Neurolink technologies now will be the market leaders tomorrow.

  • Opportunities and risks for SMEs: concrete recommendations on how to optimally prepare your company for the coming Neurolink revolution.

V. Ethical innovation - your competitive advantage in the tech revolution

Proactive instead of reactive: Why ethical self-regulation protects your company from costly mistakes and gives you an edge over the competition.

  • The ethics-by-design approach: Discover how integrating ethical principles into your technology strategies strengthens customer confidence and sustainably improves your market position.
  • From compulsory to optional: concrete methods for using ethical governance as a driver of innovation and thus opening up new business opportunities before regulation forces you to do so.


References & Press

"Christopher Peterka lays the access to the frontier of digital innovation" 
Ms. Marlo Köhler, Deutsche Bank Asset & Wealth Management

"Peterka shows a deep understanding of our problems and provides the creative edge to implement them accordingly" 
Dr. Reto Schneider, Swiss Re


"Far-sighted, focused and highly meaningful insights for decision-makers" Mr. Gerhard Müller, EY


"A strategic visionary" Dr. Erik Massmann, ENAAA Ventures


"Reliably one of the best sources for future insights" 
Mr. Ekkehard Gerlach, German Media Academy, Managing Director




Deine Wahl - Wendebuch Deutsch / Englisch

ISBN : 978-3-867-74632-8

20.00 €



ISBN : 979-8370839689

24.98 €



Mensch Zukunft: Zukunft Mensch?




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July 2024: Startups Magazine

Article: "Europe at the Crossroads of the AI Revolution" by Christopher Peterka


Zurich, June 2024: Recontres, La Fonciere

Keynote: "Switzerland: Sketches for the future"


Rekjavik Iceland, May 2024:

Keynote "Quantum Leadership in global systems competition", secret client 


Freiburg, April 2024: tekom annual conference

Keynote: "AI revolution or downfall? Technical writers at the crossroads."


Düsseldorf, February 2024:

- Conception & moderation of the "Salon der Pioniere", Forum Private Banks for Rheinische Post Verlagsgesellschaft GmbH

- Moderation of Rheinische Post Media Sales Conference for RP Media GmbH


Principality of Liechtenstein, January 2024:

- Co-host of the World Systemic Forum, Schaan, Liechtenstein -The Systems Change Foundation

- Conceptual development of the forum

- Development of editorial guidelines, including with Rudolf Hilti, founder of The System Change Foundation

- Live moderation of the hybrid format including discussions on system change and sustainable solutions


Düsseldorf, December 2023: Peterka moderates the forum "Mensch sein - Mensch bleiben?" of the Rheinische Post.

- Conceptual development of the forum

- Editorial VIP coordination, among others with Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwer, Partner Hengeler & Hans-Peter Bork, Chairman of the Management Board of the Rheinische Post Media Group  

- Live moderation of the hybrid format incl. connection of Mr. Grisha Alroi-Arloser from Tel Aviv 


Munich, October 2023: The ZIA Award for "Outstanding Innovation" goes to "BYND SITE", an artificial intelligence-driven analysis tool for the residential real estate market.

- Strategic innovation consulting for the investor

- Co-conception of the AI software  

- Mediation of the CEO for the spin-off

- Ongoing coaching of the CEO 


Berlin, September 2023: The Nova Innovation Award of the Federal Association of Digital Publishers and Newspaper Publishers goes to the Rheinische Post Forum for "Zeitenwende einer Innenstadt"

- Strategic innovation consulting for the Rheinische Post Forum

- Conception of the format

- Moderation of all workshops, design sprints, trade fair appearances

- Video interviews with decision-makers 


Cologne, August 2023:  

Mensch Zukunft Stiftung GmbH is founded with twelve shareholders from highly diverse backgrounds and generations. The purpose of the company is to promote democratic governance, education and civic engagement. The first measure will be the production and distribution of a messenger-based chatbot to train broad sections of the population in basic knowledge about artificial intelligence using the gamification approach.

- Foundation & financing of the Mensch Zukunft Podcast

- Development of the Mensch Zukunft Foundation

- Interim management 



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