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Claudia Scheelen

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Management, Leadership & Change


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Claudia Scheelen
Trainer Claudia Scheelen


Claudia Scheelen is an experienced and successful entrepreneur. In more than 30 years of entrepreneurial work, she has built up her reputation with a focus on leadership, strategy and management as a board member in a family business. Today she runs her own company as an entrepreneur, networker and host. Her community brings together people with an entrepreneurial spirit. A network club of successful personalities from a wide range of industries who act with passion, heart and mind. She is a certified business coach and knows and understands the issues and challenges of her coaching clients from practical experience and has the coaching tools to lead her clients to solutions and provide goal-oriented support. Experience inspiration, integrity and commitment.


Support for personal development

  • Individualization of personality with consideration of values
  • Support for change processes
  • Combination of numbers for a happy and successful life

Location analysis & career development

  • Better understanding and applying individual talents

Values as drivers & personal calling

  • Prioritizing time resources 
  • Determining meaningful tasks
  • Reflecting on the experience of success 
  • Importance of social networks 
  • Discovering your heart's desires


Business Retreats

  • Away from everyday life, time and space for new things, energy and mindfulness
  • Meeting a like-minded target group at eye level
  • Gain valuable impulses for moving forward, new focus, clarity and transparency

Professional Coach Member DBVC and member of BVMW (German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises)


Every offer is designed to provide an enriching experience. Because joy is the key to successful learning and growth. Welcome to a world where fun and success go hand in hand.

References & Press

"Claudia's positive energy and charisma make unique events possible."

Joachim Wildemann, Communication & Design

"If a business relationship lasts more than 20 years and continues to develop creatively, then there is a reason, and that reason is Claudia Scheelen. I appreciate and enjoy the exchange"

Beate Nimsky, Nimsky GmbH


"Since coaching with Claudia Scheelen, I've increased my company's figures fivefold - but with the time I spend today, it's only 10 percent of the time I used to spend." 
Holger Jost, founder of


"The process took place at the highest level of trust. It helped me to look at my decisions more consciously. As a result, I achieved more security, acceptance and more success in communication."

Individual executive coaching, German Pension Insurance Association Berlin


"Working with Claudia Scheelen was very pleasant and enriching. Our project was about the introduction of employee appraisals. [...] She was present at the meetings themselves as a coach for the managers and gave her feedback after the meeting. Thanks to this input, the managers were able to develop their interviewing skills and the quality of the appraisal interviews was sustainably improved. [...]" 
Claudia Palermo, Managing Director, Teamwärts AG, Switzerland



Gastbeitrag zum Thema Werte

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3981497069

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nterview beim BVMW zum Thema #Powerfrau hier lesen.

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  • Workshop