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Colja Dams, a passionate entrepreneur, is an expert when it comes to live marketing. He is the owner/CEO of VOK DAMS - one of the world's leading agencies for events and live marketing. With 19 locations worldwide, his team organizes over 1,000 events a year. His clients include medium-sized companies as well as leading international corporations. The projects realized have won 200+ awards. With his passion for driving innovative developments and discovering the potential of new technologies, he is a pioneer in the market. In his presentations, he inspires his audience with a firework display of innovations and future trends. His presentation style and energy is infectious and invites you to rethink live communication.


Metaverse - Zukunft für Events

  • Metaverse - Was ist das eigentlich?
  • Metaverse - Warum ist es spannend?
  • Metaverse - Warum sollte ich mich jetzt damit beschäftigen?

Agiles Event Management - Mehr wir. Mehr Wirkung. Mehr WOW.

  • Wie Sie WOW-Projekte meistern
  • Wie bekommen Teams den "Maker-Spirit?"
  • Agiles Mindset für mehr Effizienz, mehr Innovation und mehr Spaß

Future-Trends in Events

  • Das Potenzial von Micro-Events
  • Nachhaltigkeit und ihre Chancen
  • Warum Data-Driven Event Management die Zukunft ist


Weitere Themen:

Code of WOW - Messbar mehr Erlebnis!

New Live - Die Kraft des Lagerfeuers

Hybrid-Events - Virtuell & Live erfolgreich verbinden 

Innovation-Management -
Was Unternehmen von Events, Kongressen & Co. lernen können

References & Press

References - Presentations


The Special Event Conference and Tradeshow

BOE International


Experiential Marketing Summit

The Meetings Show


Event Tech Live

XING Events Digital Stage

IBM Think

OMR - DigiEx Stage by NEXTLIVE


References - Press

"The agency VOK DAMS has radically digitalized itself."


"Colja Dams is the head of one of the world's leading event agencies. The forced break has made him more relaxed than ever - also with regard to the future of his industry." World


„I've had the pleasure to work with Colja and his team of professionals for many years. I have always found Colja to be an inspirational leader and thinker from whom I have learnt a lot over the years. He runs his business with integrity and foresight - always seeking to ensure that they are at the forefront of thinking in business events, live events and all forms of marketing. Since working with Mr Wolf (part of the VOK DAMS family of businesses) our communications in the German speaking markets have been transformed. The team has become integrated successfully with our team and operate as one.“ Carina Bauer, CEO IMEX Group



Live Campaigns: Event-Kampagnen als Konzept einer wirkungsvollen Marketing-Kommunikation (essentials)

ISBN : 3658244348

14.99 €


Agiles Event Management: Vom „Wow“ zum „How“ im erfolgreichen Event Management (essentials)

ISBN : 3658254998

14.99 €



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