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Some say his lectures and training methods are, like himself, a little "crazy" - and "some" are probably not entirely wrong. But that's exactly what sets Daniel Enz apart. Always in a suit and red sneakers, he manages to cast a spell over people. Daniel Enz, founder and owner of enz coaching, is a passionate sales trainer and speaker. Thanks to his professional experience in various industries such as textiles, tourism, finance and media, he can now draw on a wealth of practical examples as a speaker and trainer. Always a thoroughbred salesman on the front line, he was largely responsible for the development and expansion of sales. His training courses are characterized by their high practical content. Daniel Enz warns: "We go live - and with real customers!" With his young and dynamic manner, he has already inspired hundreds of thousands of people in his presentations and sales training courses in Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, Denmark and Switzerland.


The sales personality - 
The basis of successful selling

  • USP vs. PVP. Recognize what customers really buy
  • Salesman's disease no. 1: How to turn from a constant complainer into a doer
  • How to use your success triangle on a daily basis

The sales techniques - 
The cherry-on-top of successful selling

  • How to conduct a sales pitch proactively
  • From preparation to follow-up: How to proceed in a structured way with the 8 sales phases
  • Oh dear, oh dear, your customer is buying on the www. 
  • How to go from consultant to salesperson

The damned, damned acquisition! 
... with live call recordings

  • We have the best and I am the best. "Blah blah blah." How to leave Aunt Frieda at home and get to the point
  • Questions that kill conversations. How to avoid the most common mistakes in acquisition meetings and close more deals as a result
  • "No need, no time, too expensive!" How to avoid the goldfish syndrome and master the supreme discipline of "objections" with just 3 basic techniques

The price makes you sweat - the price negotiation

  • The Coca-Cola Pepsi effect. Well-known brands have high prices. We look at what brands trigger in our minds and how this influences our decision
  • The 2 most important rules of price negotiation: When nothing else works ... then comes the price negotiation. But this requires practice and, above all, preparation
  • The ROPA price negotiation model: a model that sounds simple, logical and straightforward in retrospect. But the simple things are often the most difficult
  • The 4 steps of objection handling: Phase 5 in the sales process, objection handling. We look at the steps in this phase and what this has to do with push-pull relations

References & Press

His clients include: 

Microsoft, HP Hewlett Packard, Züricher Kantonalbank, Nestlé, Pfizer Pharma, DB Schenker, Mobility, Viseca Card Services, OMV, Cembra Money Bank, Fielmann, OBI, Migros, MAN Bus & Trucks, SCHILD, Sprüngli, SwissRe, UBS, RE/MAX, Valora, Interio, Topwell, Bernina, Johnson & Johnson, Swisscom Directories, Sanitas Troesch, Viessmann, Raiffeisen Bank and many more.


"If you are looking for a sales trainer or speaker on the subject of sales in Switzerland, Daniel Enz is at the top of the list." IFJ Switzerland & Venture Kick


"He is one of the best in his field!" 20Minutes


"The Wolf of Sales." Seminar Inside Magazine


"He is one of the best trainers & speakers on the subject of sales. The salesperson himself!" Dr. Stefan Frädrich, GEDANKENtanken


"Daniel Enz is a concentrated load of information with a high practical content. A thoroughbred salesman!" Kronen Zeitung


"He is one of the "top shots" of Eastern Switzerland's economy, without whom (almost) nothing would work between Alpstein and Lake Constance." LEADER Magazine



Geschätzter Kunde, Sie können mich mal!: TOP & FLOP Geschichten aus dem Verkaufsalltag (Red Shoes Verlag)

ISBN : 9783961113156

24.90 €



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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

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