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Daniel Schirner
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Daniel Schirner, magician, mentor and motivational speaker, is the magician of hearts. He is one of the most popular entertainers in southern Germany. As an expert in motivation and enthusiasm with over 30 years of stage experience and over 2,500 performances in front of around 180,000 people in more than 22 countries, Daniel Schirner brings out the inner child in each and every one of us. He started his career as a graduate business economist and teacher in the management level of the publishing industry and in vocational training. His clients include well-known medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. In his workshops, seminars and lectures, he inspires his participants with magical moments that touch their hearts. He knows how to make mental laws of thought tangible, create an awareness of personal responsibility and initiate change processes. He encourages people to take their own success into their own hands and take action.


Daniel Schirner manages to combine the magician and the speaker in one person on stage in a wonderfully entertaining way.

Train your Magic - 
How the art of magic in team building binds employees

  • How enthusiasm & fascination arise and are transferred to the team
  • How to recognize, eliminate or transform limiting behavior patterns in cooperation
  • How to use the secrets of magic to solve team challenges

The power of responsibility 
How to turn from victim to creater

  • How to develop a success mindset and build an empowering environment in five steps
  • How to take responsibility for your actions and become the creator of your success
  • How to increase your value and become indispensable by taking responsibility for your own actions

The power of emotions - 
How to magically attract people

  • How to move from "having to" to "being allowed to" and expand your scope of action with ease
  • How to create your place of power at the touch of a button with the three magic keys
  • How to ignite the passion within you and become irresistible
  • Which factors lead to enthusiasm and become the fuel for your success

Another topic:

Boosting self-confidence in children is not magic

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Awards & honors:


  • 1st place at the Zauberschlacht Darmstadt/Magic Slam 2018
  • Train-The-Trainer certification 2020
  • EXCELLENCE & WINNER AWARD at the international Speaker Slam 2020 in
  • Mastershausen
  • VAK Coach Certification 2020
  • PLATIN & WINNER AWARD at the international Speaker Slam 2021 in Mastershausen
  • IMPULS Coach Certification 2021
  • Finalist at the Austrian Speaker Slam 2021
  • Finalist at the Speakers Excellence Slam Swiss 2021
  • Certification "Shamanic System Constructor" by Kerstin Scherer 2021

"Magic is an inexhaustible art for Daniel Schirner" 
Rhine-Neckar Newspaper


"There really is magic in the air with Daniel. He manages to combine the magician and the speaker in one person on stage in a wonderfully entertaining way. The result is magical words that work. Humorous, warm, entertaining and amazingly sustainable: Daniel Schirner is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to change something in their own life. A clear recommendation." 
Hermann Scherer (speaker icon and bestselling author)


"This is how a lecture should, no, must be: humorous and rich in content. Daniel Schirner staged both perfectly in his keynote and motivated the participants of the conference to over 100%. Learning has never been so entertaining and cheerful. A stunner and in a class of its own!" 
Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Stefan MSc MBA (Change Expert & Speaker)


"Enchanting, enchanting... PURE magic... Daniel Schirner is much more than a magician, he is a heart-toucher!" 
Nadja Kahn (Kahn Events GmbH)


"Applause, applause, applause! Where else can I give 5 stars. Not only is his performance terrific, but so is he. Daniel Schirner shows why it's good to let out the child in you, how you can develop yourself through this, beyond his enchanting magic tricks. A magician in all situations." 
Dirk Burmann (dbias - dirk burmann investment and advisory solutions)


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