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Daniel Stock

Let's connect to create & celebrate, as a miracle formula for business & life.



Personality, Success & Motivation


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Daniel Stock
Trainer Daniel Stock
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We often define success only in terms of profit and growth in the company. True success is about connecting with customers, employees, your own family and yourself. Every person is important in their right place. 'Being allowed to be' is one of the best basic feelings from which the motivation arises to connect with people in order to then become creative in one's vocation in the company. Celebrating success together reflects the true values of the company. This potential lies within each individual.


Daniel Stock's vision is to connect people from different generations and with different life stories...  

That's why he asks the following questions: How do you play your journey through life? With yourself, your family, your customer and, above all, your team?


From these life.moments - whether in a lecture or in a joint talk round with music - Daniel Stock creates a very special feeling - the unique WE ARE ONE spirit. Everyone for themselves and everyone together. It is the common denominator of tolerance, acceptance, respect and mutual appreciation. Welcome to your life, welcome to your company.


Break the Rules

  • Ideas, approaches & solutions for clever marketing 
  • Creative development and innovative change for your company with your employees
  • Letting go & allowing in corporate management
  • Best-practice examples that encourage you and free you from rigid rules, setting you apart from others 

Life Moments

  • Employee motivation & inspiration
  • Good vibrations with music & speaking  
  • Leadership means feeling and touching yourself

Company & team motivation at all levels

  • The new 3-DNA classification for appreciation between customer, employee & entrepreneur 
  • Friendliness, joy, acceptance and tolerance in your company
  • Feeling yourself to touch people is the new leadership

The WE ARE ONE spirit for your company and your team

Everyone for themselves and all of us together


Daniel Stock alias Stockanotti with his presentation topics as the perfect combination for a Music & Motivation Team Event.
Let's Connect to Create & Celebrate Life Moments.

References & Press

Podcast guests and music streamers:

"Afterwards I'm motivated, focused and feeling better again!"

"Best podcast 2022!"

"Cool podcast talk 2023"

"Stockanotti music always works!"

"Cool storytelling from his real life with lots of added value"


Customer testimonials:

"He makes us cry and laugh at the same time"

"Once a stick, always a stick".

"The perfect guest giver and gas giver".

"Things go uphill together with Daniel Stock".

"He touches people with his relaxed and easy-going manner".

"One full throttle please, the volcanic eruption with Daniel Stock".

"The WE ARE ONE motivation is perfect for my team".

Press reviews:

"His marketing ideas and events are unique".

"With the Gondola Slam, he has succeeded in creating a new, contemporary format".

"Austria's largest open-air classroom as motivation and inspiration for the new school year".

The WE ARE ONE SPIRIT as the connection of the future for us humans.


Der Gast aus 307

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Der Gast aus 307

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Der Gast aus 307

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Presentation types

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

Required equipment

Apple notebook
Apple notebook