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Dr. Daniel von Rüdiger

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Embark on a unique journey with Dr. Daniel von Rüdiger, a Ph.D. rhythm researcher, documentary filmmaker, and entrepreneur. His captivating presentations transport you to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, where you can experience the captivating aspects of sustainability, work organization, and team-building in self-sustaining cultures up close through stunning photographs and film footage.

Through his personal experiences with indigenous tribes, Dr. Daniel von Rüdiger offers the audience a surprising reflection on their own personal and work life. His research findings on the topic of rhythm in work and culture lead to practical insights on how to sustainably enhance work motivation and company identification.

Collaborations with prestigious museums such as the Museum of Cultures in Basel and the Gropius Bau Berlin, along with his work for the Metropolitan Museum in New York, underscore his expertise. His successful cinematic debut, "972 Breakdowns - On the Road to New York," proves that he is a captivating, multimedia storyteller who captivates his audience.


Sustainable - success in the long run

  • Extremely sustainable: learning from indigenous self-supporters
  • Why there is always a need to balance extremes?
  • Purpose vs mission - Better to act sooner than not at all 
  • Thinking ahead - Being ready for crises

In the groove together

  • Strong cohesion: Identification as a team through synchronization
  • The right mix: Recognition of rules vs individuality
  • Creating connectedness: Rhythm in work and culture

Companies in rhythm

  • Synchronization as an instrument for successful leadership
  • Don't be afraid of contrasts: Using opposites productively
  • Expect the unexpected: How crisis anticipation strengthens resilience
  • Sustainable business success: A tango of security and change

References & Press

Company references (excerpt):
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Films (excerpt):

2020 "972 Breakdowns - Overland to New York."
Germany 110min; Production: leavinghomeproduction, 
Producers: leavinghomeproduction; Distribution: filmagentinnen

2014 "Kanu belong Keram"
Papua New Guinea, Switzerland 16min; production: Museum der 
Cultures Basel + NGO Help Resources
producer: Elizabeth Cox

2014 "easy, hard: life in Papua New Guinea" Papua New Guinea, Switzerland 22min; Production: Gropius Bau 
producer: Elizabeth Cox


Publications (excerpt):


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Von Rüdiger, D. (2018). 

'gleichsamVerschieden rhythm as a link of audiovisual 
Fusions' Disertation. University of Art and Industrial 
Design - Linz University of the Arts Institute for Media. 
Available at: http://www.danielvonruediger.com/wp-content/
uploads/2020/12/PhD_DvR_gV_final_digital.pdf 2016 Aichmaier, H. and

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Sound and Image

ISBN : 9780367271466



Listen to this episode from PEGASOREISE Motorrad Abenteuer Podcast on Spotify. Dokus über echte Motorradreisen waren noch nie so erfolgreich, wie in den letzten Jahren. Doch wie wird aus einer Reisegeschichte ein Kinofilm? Wir sprechen mit dem Regisseur Johannes Meier über die Entstehung des Roadmovies „Über Grenzen“ und mit dem Regisseur Daniel von Rüdiger über den Film „972 Breakdowns – auf dem Landweg nach New York“. Von diesem Film gibt es auch einen Soundtrack, den ihr gewinnen könnt.

pp139 - grosses Kino


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I am very happy about this cooperation: From 2025 works of mine will be shown in the new exhibition wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York! 

My film 972 Breakdowns is part of the EOFT 2023/2024 (European Outdoor Film Festival)! The best adventures of the year are sure to come to your city! 

In November I will be speaking at the Weitsicht Festival in Darmstadt! Here is an interview for frizzmag

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