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Dirk Bauermann is one of the most successful German sports coaches of the last 20 years. His last coaching stations were Pınar Karşıyaka (European Cup participant from Turkey), Sichuan Blue Whale (Chinese professional league) and s.Oliver Würzburg. After starting his career in Fresno/California, the graduated sports teacher wrote German basketball history in his nine years as coach of Bayer Leverkusen: seven times German champion and four times cup winner as well as successful appearances in European competitions. As national coach, he celebrated his greatest success in 2005 by winning the silver medal at the European Championships. In 1998, Bauermann moved as coach to the Belgian club Sunair Oostende and achieved with them at the Final Four Korac Club the best international result ever achieved by a Belgian team. In addition, he made stops in Hagen and at two Greek clubs. From 2001 to 2008, Bauermann coached Bamberg. In the 2002/2003 season, he led the team, which had been reorganized according to his wishes, to the final of the German championship. The 2003/2004 season marked a continuation of this successful work. At the end of 2003, Bauermann took on a dual role and signed a contract as the new national coach of the men's national team. In 2009, Bauermann received the North Rhine-Westphalia FELIX Award as Coach of the Year 2009. The secret of his success: Hardly anyone has thought about team building and management as decisively as the basketball coach - experience that can also be optimally transferred to the field of business. With vivid examples from the world of sports, as a speaker he shows the parallels to the world of business and motivates the participants to think and rethink. He repeatedly makes his many years of experience available to national and international business enterprises, even outside the sports arena. The strategic and reflective thinker has many years of international practice and is a captivating, rhetorically skilled speaker who knows how to inspire his audience in English and German.


Principles of high performance sports for more inspiration and motivation

  • How to anchor goals emotionally and achieve them effectively
  • How to ignite passion, make it visible and tangible
  • How to use the power of challenge as a motivational trigger and release unimagined forces and energies

Secrets of champions of team sports

  • What makes champion teams and what you can learn from them
  • How to use the virtues of top sports for more success in business
  • How to develop a collective identity and create the framework for top performance

Leadership of the King Class - 
Leading high performance teams successfully

  • How you can benefit from the leadership principles of successful coaches in top-class sports for your leadership culture
  • How to form different performance potentials into a successful team 
  • How to turn mediocrity into excellence
  • How to make your team the fan base of your company

More topics:

Making decisions under high pressure

  • How to make the right decisions in difficult situations and under high pressure

Fitness for managers - the special workshop for "peak performance

  • How to stay in top shape with mental and physical training

References & Press

Successes as head coach

German champion

  • 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 with TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen
  • 2005, 2007 with GHP Bamberg respectively Brose Baskets Bamberg

German Cup Winner

  • 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995 with TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Trainer of the year

  • 1990, 1991 with TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen
  • 2003, 2004 with GHP Bamberg (TSK Bamberg)

German national team

  • 3 World Championships (1994, 2006, 2010)
  • 4 European Championships (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011)
  • 1 Olympic participation (2008 - 9th place) biggest success with the national team: silver medal (2nd place) European Championship 2005

Polnische Nationalmannschaft

  • 1 European Championship (2013)


  • In 2009, Dirk Bauermann was awarded the "Felix" as "Coach of the Year" by North Rhine-Westphalia.



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