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Dirk Jakob
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Dirk Jakob, founder of hajoona GmbH, is a passionate entrepreneur and an expert when it comes to sales and potential development. His company hajoona was named Growth Champion 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022 in the health/social/education sector by FOCUS magazine five years in a row. From the bottom up to the highest management position, he learned the craft of direct sales. Various educational and psychological trainings complement his knowledge. He is the author of several books and his numbers speak for themselves. He has built teams of about 100,000 partners and companies with billions in sales during his career. As Managing Director of Horizonte Training & Consulting GmbH, he initiated and managed several training academies for global companies. Over 850,000 people have attended his trainings and educations to date. His clients include visionary entrepreneurs, medium-sized companies as well as international corporations.


Making (important) decisions easily

  • How to solve challenging situations with fun, depth & foresight
  • How to become clear about your elementary needs, acknowledge them and purposefully go your own way
  • How to make responsible decisions from a bird's eye perspective
  • How to resolve conflicting aspects and bring people into action

The human success factor - the path to becoming a growth champion

  • How to find and retain employees as well as develop and release potentials with further training courses
  • How to analyze the skills of your employees, use them in a strength-oriented way and create team flow
  • How to achieve new sales records from year to year with vision, system and the right people
  • How to form a powerful team from different people

Success with heart, brain and mind

  • How to identify your inner motivators and align them with your personal values
  • How to release energy with a strong vision and reach your goals more easily
  • How to win people over to your idea with personality and authentic action
  • How to combine and live professional and private success

Direct sales/network marketing as a solution approach

  • Advantages and resentments of an industry with enormous growth
  • V as a solution for a lived, practical work-life balance
  • Annual double-digit sales growth through the distribution channel of the future

References & Press


  • FOCUS/statista - five-time Excellent Growth Champion 2018- 2022.
  • Financial Times Europe 2018, 2019 & 2020 "Europés Fastest Growing Companies".
  • Professional Member GSA - German Speakers Association

"Dirk Jakob knows how to combine his expertise in sales and psychology with a lot of emotion and humor. His motto 'Business with Heart' is always directly noticeable to his audience. It is important to him to convey a lot of knowledge and information in a way that is typically approachable for him, so that everyone immediately feels the desire to put new knowledge and insights into practice." Prof. Dr. Michael Zacharias, is one of the most renowned scientists, authors and consultants in direct sales in Europe.

"Dirk Jakob - one of the most empathetic, charismatic and clever coaches I have met so far!" Ralf Ohrmann, sports scientist, bestselling author - Germany's best known & most successful life coach.


"Dirk Jakob is one of the few coaches who, with their uniqueness, manage to convey knowledge and information in such a way that people can achieve their personal goals within a very short time." Markus Elsässer, publisher StartUpValley, Europe's largest startup magazine


"Dirk Jakob supported us in setting up a network of sales representatives, taking over the recruitment, training and management of the affiliated sales representatives. With his help, we were able to build up a significant number of sales representatives very quickly. The cooperation was always professional, fair and based on partnership. Without his contribution, we would not have been able to implement this task so quickly and efficiently." Daniela Lipgens, Managing Director Repower Deutschland GmbH



Das 1x1 des Network-Marketings

ISBN : 978-3980905602

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ISBN : 3980905659

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ISBN : 978-3980905602

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