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Dirk Rauh

Are you still okay? - With clarity to more success



Personality, Success & Motivation


Dirk Rauh
Trainer Dirk Rauh
  • Dirk Rauh - Lebe dein Potenzial

  • Wie wird man seiner Selbst bewusst

  • Impuls Interview mit Mentor, Coach & Trainer Dirk Rauh

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Dirk Rauh has been a successful mentor, coach and trainer in the field of sales and management development for over 20 years. He grew up in a medium-sized family business and learned the rules of success from an early age. During his business studies, he gained further experience in sales and went to the USA for several years. He attended many formative communication and personality seminars and learned from Anthony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Wim Hof and many more. Lifelong learning is a matter of course for him, which is also reflected in his psychology studies. With his specially developed seminar concept "EinsichT", participants learn to shape their lives with clarity and self-confidence within a very short time. His approach is characterized by a high level of empathy and sensitivity for personalities and group processes, and he always succeeds in creating an atmosphere in which the focus is on the individual and personal development. In his 2020 research, which involved over 1,000 test subjects and was supported by DAK Gesundheit, he was able to show that it is possible to bring about psychological and physical changes with mindfulness exercises lasting 90 seconds a day. This is also a great option for dealing better with challenges in today's world.


From vision to action

  • How to anchor your corporate goals simply and practically in the minds of your employees
  • How to respond more flexibly to challenges with new thought patterns and behaviors and apply them in a practical way
  • How to actively and sustainably implement your vision to achieve long-term success

Getting to the point - conducting conversations the right way

  • The power of words: How to stay true to yourself and say what you want to say
  • Recognizing and using non-verbal speech patterns: How to understand your counterpart's world through their behavior
  • The minefield of communication: How to master difficult conversations more effectively

Are you still okay? - With clarity to more success

  • Take responsibility for your decisions!
  • Do you live in the here and now and act accordingly? Act accordingly!
  • Become aware of yourself and release your potential - for big and small things! Otherwise someone else will do it!
  • Get impulses in an entertaining way for more quality of life!

BOOOST - 90 seconds that change your life

  • With minimal effort - maximum success
  • How you can increase your performance and stay full of energy at the same time
  • Why less is more and how important the power of habit is
  • 90 seconds - suitable for the challenges of today's everyday life

References & Press

"Anyone who experiences Dirk Rauh in a seminar or lecture senses the modesty, the stepping back of his person with all the passion he experiences for the concerns of the participants." Dr.-Ing. O. Seel, Bosch Rexroth AG


"Mr. Rauh always manages to inspire the groups of participants. (...) Flexibility and reliability distinguish Mr. Rauh. Mr. Rauh's performance by the participants is always rated as far above average. The recommendation rate of his seminars is accordingly exceptionally high." 
A. Burggraf, Product Manager, ADG Academy of German Cooperatives


"Particularly noteworthy is the lively and pleasant manner in which Mr. Rauh imparts his knowledge. (...) He succeeded in inspiring even employees with many years of experience for the contents and the coaching." H.-J. Tophoven, Human Resources Manager, Volksbank Main-Tauber eG



Geht's noch?: Impulse für Lebensqualität und Gelassenheit im Alltag und Beruf

ISBN : 3735718221

17.90 €


Kurswechsel: Raus aus dem Trott, rein ins eigene Leben

ISBN : 3743137909

9.90 €


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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Practical relevance

  • Workshop

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