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Dominik Reinhardt

Why tomorrow's success depends on courage, mindset and methodology!



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Dominik Reinhardt
Trainer Dominik Reinhardt
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Dominik Reinhardt acts on stage or in virtual summits as a mindset transformer and initiator for innovative business models, drives challenges and change processes and proactively accompanies the process to the set goal. Hardly any listener can escape his expertise and motivation in his live shows. His 20 years of top-class sport and various championships in soccer as a coach have inspired and paved the way for his motivational transport and innovation, methodology & structure in the business sector, where he has been booked for corporates, start-ups and SMEs for years. Dominik Reinhardt is trained in IT transformation, mimic resonance and business model transformation at the University of St. Gallen, as well as an NLP mindset coach. New business models and the 3Ms of implementation characterize his profile: Courage, Mindset & Methodology! This is his motto. In seminars on sales, communication, leadership and team building, he provides the mindset booster for companies such as Deutsche Telekom, McMakler and German SMEs. He is also an expert in blended learning concepts and digitalization. As a talent developer, Dominik Reinhardt creates next-level impulses for you and your team. With Train4Success, he has created a training brand that stands for innovation and success. This is also a USP, as inspiring keynotes can be combined with a 360-degree training project.


Business Model Mindset:

  • Transform your thinking - The 3Ms for innovative business models.
    Courage - Mindset - Motivation 
  • Daily routine vs. innovation potential: Lessons from start-ups for successful implementation.
  • Creating a spirit of optimism: People & culture for courageous innovation and change processes.
  • Unleashing creativity: Methods for transforming business models. 

Successful leadership starts in the mind:

  • Leadership begins in the mind: why successful leaders need a clear head and how to increase their emotional intelligence.
  • What managers can learn from soccer coaches: 
    Insights, tools and practical implementation in the corporate world.
  • The true meaning of emotional intelligence: promoting it in the company for sustainable success.
  • Liberating talent: How to achieve extraordinary things with your team.

Sales Mindset Booster:

  • Mindset Mastery: Strategies to develop mental toughness in sales.
  • Motivation Push: Why maximum success depends on individual impulses. 
  • Sales PlayBook Delivery: How to integrate your PlayBook into everyday life and achieve maximum success.
  • Team empowerment: How to make your team fit for the championship with strategies from top-class sport.

References & Press

Customers who have already been impressed by Dominik Reinhardt:

Deutsche Telekom, Energie BKK, Herweck AG, Vodafone, Kabel Deutschland, Apple, McMakler, DFB, Komsa, Pitney Bowes, Also, I-Surance, Bund Deutscher Fußballlehrer, KickID, Bintec Elmeg, BEUcom, Mobilpunkt, L'Oréal, Entrepreneur University, Mobilezone, Doctolib, Enpal, McMakler, Rewe and many more.


"Energy on the stage-Wow." The


"New impulses, new business models, simply explained!" Intranet Telekom


"Motivation & mindset, which is noticeable." Telecom trade


Customer testimonials:


"This training with Dominik was one of my best trainings when I look back. He goes very deeply into the topics, and with small adjustments in the business case you can work wonders and implement them with the methodology. A huge thank you to you for what I have experienced so far."
Patrick Pagarache, Deutsche Telekom SME, Account Manager


"We benefit from his know-how in the digital training sector and appreciate him for his professionalism in dealing with demand-oriented, very individual training concepts. With his friendly and open-minded manner, he always manages to inspire our employees." 
Sarah Lobenstein, Head of Training and Development, McMakler


"Two great days are coming to an end! A very motivating, exciting seminar that showed me new ways forward and from which I really took something away! Concrete tips and reflections, plus a personal checklist. Really great and definitely a clear recommendation!"
Sarah Betz, German Research Foundation

Online Courses

Dominik Reinhardt offers 1 courses, 1 lectures and 
1 impulses on Excellence Academy.


Der POS Cross-Selling Booster | Dominik Reinhardt

Der Online-Kurs für Verkäufer*innen und Kundenbegeisterer im Handel, die den nächsten Schritt machen möchten.



Handlungsschnelligkeit im Fussball


29.95 €



Expert Marketplace - Dominik Reinhardt - Impressions 0
Expert Marketplace - Dominik Reinhardt - Impressions 1
Expert Marketplace - Dominik Reinhardt - Impressions 2


Business Model Transformation & Navigation wird in Zukunft kein Prozess mehr sein, sondern ein Mindset für permanente Innovation. Ausgebildet in St.Gallen bringt Dominik Reinhardt genau diese Ansätze in seine aktuellen Vorträge und Summits. 

Weiterhin treibt viele Corporates die Frage an, wie sich cleveres, digitales Community Management betreiben lässt. Wie lassen sich Kunden zu Fans machen? Was treibt sie an zu interagieren und wie entsteht Wert im digitalen Ansatz? Zu diesen Themen ist Dominik Reinhardt gerade in Workshops unterwegs.

Hier gelangen Sie zum Online-Kurs: Der POS Cross-Selling Booster

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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Practical relevance

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