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Dr. iur. Stephan Gärtner
  • E-Mail-Marketing und die DSVGO – Dr. Stephan Gärtner, Klick-Tipp Academy April 2018

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The lawyer Dr. iur. Stephan Gärtner studied at the Humboldt University of Berlin and received his doctorate from the Berlin professor Hans-Peter Schwintowski on a data protection law topic, whereupon the Humboldt University of Berlin awarded him the academic degree of "Dr. iur." in September 2010. During his legal clerkship, Dr. iur. Stephan Gärtner worked for the Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, which gave him an insight into the supervisory perspective on data protection. He is an expert when it comes to data protection for companies and considers himself a data opportunity officer. His clients include well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. In his consultations and lectures, he inspires participants with his in-depth expertise and ability to convey complex topics in an understandable way. Dr. iur. Stephan Gärtner sees data protection as a great opportunity to create trust and make possible what is possible in order to achieve maximum added value.


TrustDataStrategy -
Not data is the raw material of the future, but trust!

  • How to develop a data strategy that creates transparency and trust and makes possible what is possible for your company.
  • How to create the highest possible security with a risk-oriented data protection strategy and keep an eye on costs
  • How data protection becomes the No. 1 selling point and measurably sets you apart from the competition.

The Data Opportunities Officer:
The companion for creating more value through data

  • The dos and don'ts of data processing
  • Communicate in a legally compliant manner with customers, authorities and employees
  • Creating, updating and maintaining the TOM list
  • How to create the greatest possible security for your company with the right employee training concept

Data protection for data protection officers -
Always know what is important and right

  • Advice on data protection law
  • Criminal defense in criminal data protection proceedings
  • Litigation in data privacy law
  • Liability of the data protection officer
  • IT security

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Quotes and company references:

"Dr. Stephan Gärtner not only understands how to make complex data protection issues understandable to a layperson, but also how to solve complex problems in an innovative way. For a client, he and his team always go the famous extra mile to find a perfect solution. I really appreciate this commitment to clients. In any case, he has helped me very often. One can only recommend Dr. Stephan Gärtner and his law firm."

"Anyone who quickly needs a well-founded and professional opinion or knowledge on the subject of the GDPR is in good hands with Dr. Gärtner. I don't know anyone who has such a deep connection to a topic and is still so very approachable and 'reachable'. For this, my heartfelt thanks. My very clear recommendation."

"I was allowed to experience Stephan Gärtner at several lectures and also in personal contact. He is particularly characterized by the fact that he presents the dry topics in such a way that one can understand them very well and implement them directly. He is the first point of contact for me when it comes to the topic of DSGVO and its implementation in the company."



Harte Negativmerkmale auf dem Prüfstand des Datenschutzrechts: Ein Rechtsvergleich zwischen deutschem, englischem und österreichischem Recht (Schriften zum Persönlichkeitsrecht)

ISBN : 3830054181

118.00 €


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