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Egmont Roozenbeek

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Egmont Roozenbeek
Trainer Egmont Roozenbeek
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Egmont Roozenbeek is an expert in leadership and decision-making. For almost 20 years, he led people as an officer in the military police and at the same time worked as a bouncer in Stuttgart's nightlife. In both cases, he had to make decisions at lightning speed, some of which had far-reaching consequences for people's lives and deaths. Today, the keynote speaker and systemic business coach, who studied political and social sciences as well as business administration, shows high-ranking managers how to lead in crises and make confident decisions in lectures, seminars and individual coaching sessions.


In today's uncertain and fast-paced business world with its many complex decisions, leaders are under great pressure. Egmont Roozenbeek will show you how to keep a cool head even in crises and make confident decisions by transferring his experience as an operations officer and bouncer to the business context.


Leadership in crises - what is important and how we use this knowledge in day-to-day management

  • How to keep a cool head in crises and make confident decisions
  • Why self-reflection is so important for you and your team 
  • How to communicate clearly, take people with you, inspire them and achieve goals
  • How to form a high-performance team and achieve better results with a culture of error management

Leadership mindset - wanting, being able, living

  • The power of leading by example - How you can lead by example as a manager
  • Leading at eye level - How to empower your team to make independent decisions and thereby increase acceptance
  • Self-leadership - How to lead yourself and others to create growth
  • Hybrid leadership - Why you should combine the advantages of digital leadership with the benefits of analog leadership in turbulent times


Future Leadership - How to master the challenges of the future in your company

  • What are the biggest challenges and how can we solve them?
  • How your company can create an environment that magnetically attracts generations Z & Y generations magnetically 
  • How we put together future teams in such a way that they act in a strength-oriented manner and measurably increase results

References & Press

"Egmont Roozenbeek knows everything about leadership and is an award-winning speaker."
Stuttgarter Zeitung


"In his seminars, participants experience with all their senses, from completely new perspectives and in direct experience, how communication works, why it succeeds or fails."
Blog Dr. Blaschka & Network


"Roozenbeek teaches managers and executives in companies how to lead and make decisions." Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung


"5 stars!" Anja Ingenrieth, Vice President European Affairs Brussels, Deutsche Telekom

"The coach knows his trade and is very practice-oriented." 
Siegmar Nesch, Deputy Chairman of the Board, AOK BW


"I had the pleasure of getting to know and appreciate Egmont Roozenbeek at the European Speaker Award 2019. We shared the stage and he was deservedly awarded first prize by the audience and second prize by the expert jury. His presentation on the topic of decision-making was emotional, honest and sustainable. A plea for managers to decide quickly in order to be effective. Thank you for the great inspiration." 
Norman Graeter, CEO Be Yourself Academy GmbH & Keynote Speaker


"Mr. Roozenbeek is a top trainer and coach." 
Herbert Hauser, District Manager adidas and Reebok Factory Outlets Market Central


"I have experienced numerous speakers on this topic in my 30 years in sales. This was a summary of all the strengths of these many speakers combined in one person. Chapeau Mr. Roozenbeek !!!" Klaus Vogel, VHV Insurance


"Very moving and charismatic speaker. The lecture inspired me and I was able to take a lot from it for myself." Dr. Oliver Friedrichs, Robert Bosch GmbH


"Professional, competent, human." 
Head of Legal & Compliance, Lidl Dienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG



2017 - 1st place European Speaker Award (expert jury)
2019 - 1st place European Speaker Award (audience) and 2nd place of the expert jury
2020 - Finalist 1st Spaker Slam Swiss



Von den besten Experten profitieren, Band 2: Inspiration, Insights, Impulse

ISBN : 3990602020

24.95 €



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