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Prof. Dr. Eric Eller

"Let's talk about your trust."



Strategy, Organization & Corporate Development


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Prof. Dr. Eric Eller
  • Wie entsteht Vertrauen im Unternehmen? Keynote-Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Eric Eller #newwork

  • Vertrauen schaffen wie Airbnb | Eric Eller

  • Keynote über Vertrauen von Eric Eller #VertrauensArchitektur

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Prof. Dr. Eric Eller is a trust expert and author of the Vahlen reference book "VertrauensArchitektur". He is Professor of Business and Media Psychology at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences and holds a doctorate in decision-making from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. As a keynote speaker, he sheds light on the systematic development of trust in product development, sales, teams and organizations. He advises companies on the design of effective decision-making situations and trusting customer relationships based on psychological research.


In his keynote speeches, Prof. Dr. Eric Eller will shed light on the fascinating world of trust: How exactly does trust work? Under what conditions do trust and mistrust arise? What psychological mechanisms can be used to develop trust? How do top companies work on the subject? And above all: What exactly can we do for teams, projects, products, services, technologies and organizations to create more trust?


Trust architecture: How we gain the trust of our customers

  • The trust effect in product development, marketing and sales
  • The psychology of trust: the dynamics of how trust and mistrust develop
  • Trust architecture in practice: how top companies work on trust
  • 10 psychological mechanisms and concrete strategies for more customer trust


New Work = New Trust: How to create a culture of trust in organizations


  • Trust as the basis for successful collaboration
  • New Work only works if the people in the organization can trust each other
  • The trust triangle: 3 prerequisites for the development of trust
  • 10 psychological principles of a culture of trust


Digital trust: trust in technologies and artificial intelligence


  • Digitalization megatrend: New forms of interaction with and within companies
  • Digital trust as a prerequisite for digital interaction
  • The psychological prerequisite for the development of trust in technologies and AI
  • Concrete strategies for trust in technologies and trustworthy artificial intelligence

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"Prof. Dr. Eric Eller is an extraordinary and inspiring personality. In addition to his high level of s/f/technical competence and professional passion, he inspires me with his ability to pick up listeners.
Thanks to his clear and structured approach, he was able to convey highly complex issues to me in an understandable way. His charisma and presence also manage to arouse the audience's passion for his topics. His enormous expertise combined with his charisma make him an excellent speaker who leaves a lasting, positive impression. I recommend him unreservedly."
Torsten Müller, Managing Director, Commerzbank


"I was able to experience Eric Eller in a keynote speech on trust in organizations, which inspired me so much that I attended a workshop with him afterwards. I was blown away by the combination of science and practical relevance - absolutely recommendable. Thank you!"
Kirsten Herz, Senior HR Manager, JobRad

"Very impressive, great presentation - very personable, professional and practical!"

Peter Behrendt, Executive Director, Freiburg Institute



VertrauensArchitektur: Wie Vertrauen entsteht und wie Unternehmen die richtigen Kund:innenerlebnisse dafür schaffen

ISBN : 978-3800667123

27.90 €



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