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Mag. art. Eva Berner-Klemt
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Eva Berner-Klemt is the first choice for voice and speech training. The body language expert completed her acting training at the Max Reinhardt Seminar - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Samy Molcho and Klaus Maria Brandauer were important mentors for her. She has appeared in numerous theater plays and TV films and series, such as "The Crimes of Prof. Capellari", "Bianca" and "Polizeiruf 110." With around 20 years on stage and in front of the camera, she brings a wealth of experience and a huge toolbox for her keynotes, seminars and coaching sessions. Eva Berner-Klemt founded the Mondscheingasse speech studio in Vienna in 2010. By training as a body-oriented voice teacher, she developed a very special field of communication: the free-flowing breath and the resonant voice are important players in dialog. As a conscious element, they improve cooperation and communication within the company. With her effective and competent manner, Eva Berner-Klemt accompanies her clients in company seminars and coaching sessions as well as with her keynotes. The body language expert, speech and presence trainer is the author of the book "A Question of Presence".


The voice - the calling card of your personality

  • Confidence & persuasiveness - the sound of your voice is decisive
  • Deliberately entering into dialogue - your voice as a powerful player in communication 
  • Take your own space - with your voice, your personality and your ideas

Body language in business - Simply confident!

  • Your inner attitude and what it entails in terms of body language
  • Body language and its effect - on the person you are talking to and on yourself
  • More presence - body language tools that increase your impact

Speaking without stress

  • Getting your words across - speaking clearly with ease
  • Points and pauses - they bring clarity
  • Your ideal voice pitch - speaking with variety and excitement

Communicating coherently in a team

  • Presenting effectively - How to inspire your colleagues
  • Reading body language - consciously resonate with your dialogue partners
  • Words work - How to present your point of view in an appreciative way

References & Press

Companies (excerpt):

A1 Telekom Austria Group, Bosch, Federal Ministry of Finance BMF, Energie Control Austria, European Commission Vienna, Generali Versicherung, Goldegg Verlag, Helvetia Versicherung AG, IPF für Polymerforschung Leibnitz, MANZ-Verlag, MSD Merck, Sharp & Dohme, Mondi, Museum der Moderne Salzburg, OEBB, ORF, Österr. Academy of Sciences, Österreichische Post AG, Pfitzer, RBI Raiffeisen Bank International, Roche, Senecura Kliniken STRABAG, TEAM Communication Technology GmbH, University of Vienna - CTL Center for Teaching and Learning, Voestalpine, Volksbank Akademie, Wienerberger AG, Vienna University of Economics and Business and many more.


References (excerpt):


"I really liked the mix of practical exercises and the subsequent "incorporation into my personality" (application in the situation* note). I could go on like this for many more hours. The naturalness with which the content was conveyed really appealed to me - simply WAUUU...Thank you for so much empathy. Thank you for the valuable feedback. Perhaps there will be more of these" 

Doris W., Personnel Training Department


"Your demeanor and methodology are perfect. Your calm and competent way of addressing things helped me a lot. I would like to take individual lessons with you after this wonderful seminar." 

Alexander H., lawyer in Vienna


"I felt much more confident than usual at the last meeting. I was less nervous, my voice was somehow fuller and my hands did the right thing all by themselves. I had the feeling that my colleagues were listening to me and weren't bored. It was a great experience, SPEAKING WITHOUT STRESS!"  

Ulrike G., In a managerial position in a company in Vienna


"The tools and methods that Eva Berner-Klemt passes on with great pleasure can provide significant support when it comes to using your own body and voice to present yourself professionally and calmly. It was very beneficial for me and therefore my recommendation: definitely give it a try!" 

Hermann Riessner


Article on the topic of VOICE & COMMUNICATION: "I love going to work"

KURIER 11/2022 
Interview on the topic of telephone communication: "Picking up the phone again"


Article on the topic of COMMUNICATION IN TEAMS: "Communicating correctly in a team"


Interview on the topic of body language: "Don't play small, fly!"



Eine Frage der Präsenz

ISBN : 978-3-99060-245-4

19.95 €



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