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Eva Engel

Leadership needs a seaway and employees need a safe harbor.



Management, Leadership & Change


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Eva Engel
Trainer Eva Engel
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Eva Engel, business economist and former marine, is a trainer and speaker for leadership, motivation and change. During her service in the German Navy, she gained many years of experience in team and training management. Having served on board a frigate for several years, she knows exactly what it means to work and live in a confined space. Leading under these special conditions means dealing with unusual situations and different types of people. Further stations on her career path include various positions in the management of different commercial enterprises. From start-ups and SMEs to corporate groups, with and without personnel responsibility. Her clients include medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. In her seminars and presentations, she inspires with best-practice examples from her military career. For Eva Engel, it is easy to create understandable parallels between military structures and business activities, to mirror agile leadership methods of the German Armed Forces in the business world and to support companies in developing their own leadership culture.


Good leadership is like seaway- challenging, but manageable

  • How to successfully integrate your leadership culture, create team spirit and anchor it permanently
  • How to create an environment for personal and economic growth
  • How to establish the necessary communication processes, create clarity and reach your goal safely

(No) Leader, (No) Ship - The crew makes the difference on the high seas

  • How to lead your team in a strength-oriented way and unleash its full potential
  • How to build mental strength and thus promote intrinsic motivation
  • How to successfully keep your employees on course even in stormy times and bring them back to safe harbor


Ships in port are safe - but that's not what they're built for

  • Why managers are shipwrecked with the Peter Principle and what you can do about it 
  • When people are the decisive factor - What does this mean for leadership?
  • Why practicing the predictable every day will save your life and that of your company


Further topics:

Why "standing still" has nothing to do with stagnation
What you can learn from worst-case scenarios during emergencies for your leadership



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Winner of the Speaker Slam Award 2022
in the category: "Management, Leadership and Change"


"Our participants are enthusiastic about Ms. Eva Engel. With her authentic manner and solution-oriented approach, she creates concrete improvements for each individual. She inspires us as a training provider to come up with new ideas."
TÜV NORD Akademie, Product Management, Oliver Wolter


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