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Evelyn Rath

Faszination Zero Waste - Yes, we can!



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Evelyn Rath
Trainer Evelyn Rath
  • Green Office – Beschäftigte als Schlüssel zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit | HR INSIDE SUMMIT 💙

  • Rednerin Evelyn Rath: Zero Waste - Befrei dich vom Müll

  • FASZINATION ZERO WASTE – Grüne Konsument:innen als Gamechanger I Evelyn Rath beim Speaker Slam

  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit Evelyn Rath

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What is behind the fascination of zero waste and what opportunities does this trend offer for the ecological transformation of business models and the world of work? Zero waste has developed from a niche trend into a synonym for a new attitude to life. It also opens up a wide range of opportunities for companies to achieve sustainability goals, strengthen their own employer brand and inspire Generation Z. Evelyn Rath is one of the pioneers of the Austrian zero waste movement. In 2015, she decided to stop accepting the waste problem and has been living without waste ever since. She initiated Austria's first zero waste challenge and is involved in national and international sustainability projects. For her commitment, she was honored as a Styrian Entrepreneur in 2022 and nominated for the Austrian SDG Award in 2021.  As a speaker with a pronounced hands-on mentality, she offers a firework of impulses. Her presentations are solution-oriented, authentic and practical. Without moralizing and always with a twinkle in her eye, she provides insights into a provocative trend that has long since arrived on the market and in our companies. Evelyn Rath is your speaker when it comes to convincing your audience to live resource conservation, understanding the expectations of green consumers and scoring points in the working world of tomorrow.


Sustainability adventure - let's ignite the green rocket!

  • The human success factor. How to recognize and use the green potential in your company and in yourself
  • The principle of zero waste - how to achieve sustainability always and everywhere
  • From the first steps to ecological self-runner

Green office - the office as an ecological calling card

  • Why sustainability is not just a private matter, but an opportunity for recruiting, employee retention and successful customer relations
  • 5 concrete steps to your green office
  • Acting sustainably together - using the strength of the team to conserve resources in the office on a daily basis

From plastic-free to unpackaged - what makes the green consumer tick?

  • Learn to understand the principle of zero waste and say goodbye to typical misconceptions
  • Ideal ideas of the particularly sustainable customer - between shopping pleasure and shopping frustration
  • How to successfully shape the customer relationship

Zero waste - waste-free happiness

  • Your personal strategy for a modern and plastic-free lifestyle
  • Zero waste tips & tricks for all areas of everyday life
  • Why conserving resources brings more happiness and satisfaction

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TV & Radio

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"A plastic-free life - without sacrifice" Kronen Zeitung


Extract from company references:

Management Forum Starnberg, Austrian Federal Chancellery, TÜV Austria, Green Tech Valley, dfv Conference Group, PANNATURA GmbH, DLG Weiz, BRP Rotax, IMH Institut Manfred Hämmerle GmbH, Love-it Software Solutions, Private Institute for Politics and Economics Graz, Province of Styria, INA/Styrian Chamber of Agricultural Workers etc.


Customer testimonials:


"In her keynote speech, Evelyn Rath not only vividly explained why the office is becoming more important than ever as an ecological business card - keyword employee retention and acquisition - but also presented practical and quickly implementable suggestions for the transformation towards a green office."
Birgit Harg, Green Tech Valley


Ms. Rath dared to present the topic of zero waste at a congress of packaging specialists and generated a lot of attention and discussion both on and off the stage. She conveyed the perspective of environmentally conscious consumers, the "zero heroes", in a detailed and well-founded manner. In my opinion, her impulses are recommended for both btc and btb if you want to lure your audience out of their comfort zone.
Mary-Ann Sallmann, dfv Conference Group


"Evelyn Rath is undisputedly one of the pioneers of the domestic zero-waste movement. In her keynote speech, she not only vividly explained why the office is becoming more important than ever as an ecological calling card - keyword employee retention and acquisition - but also presented practical and quickly implementable suggestions for the transformation towards a green office."
B. Harg MSc.MA, Green Tech Valley


"Evelyn Rath gave us very competent and practical support in changing our perspective and moving from 'complaining' to 'doing'." 
Erika Saria-Posch, Managing Director, Styrian Provincial Youth Advisory Council


"Evelyn Rath stands for incredible commitment, practical and practicable tips & tricks for avoiding waste in the private sector and for striving for meaningful changes in the public sector in terms of resource conservation and climate protection." 
Merle Weber, Südwind



Befrei dich vom Müll

ISBN : 9783991393078

6.56 €


Zero Waste in Stadt und Land: 51 Ideen für Private, Gemeinden und Betriebe: 51 Ideen fu¨r Private, Gemeinden und Betriebe

ISBN : 3990185942

22.00 €



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Evelyn Rath in der Presse (auszugsweise):

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"Wo kein Abfall abfällt", Die Presse, Aug. 2019

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