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Evelyn Siller
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Evelyn Siller is the expert for business brilliance with style and impact. For over 12 years, she has been helping people from business, politics and the public sphere to express the radiance of their personality. She started her career in private banking and worked for several years as an executive assistant. These years were very formative for her and brought her many insights and realisations about the importance of impact. She is also a systemic business coach, trainer for colour & style and former chairwoman of the German Etiquette Council. Her clients include well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. In her consultations, training sessions and lectures, she inspires her participants with a wealth of practical experience for practical use on a broad basis of all impact factors when it comes to convincing other people of her abilities. She knows how to open the window of thought for her own impact in a lively and vivid way with her visual language. True to her motto "You are the effect", she shows how to utilise the power of your own personality and encourages you to be the best version of yourself.


The Modern Art of Influence - How to win people over

  • Self-awareness - the power and possibilities of your personality
  • Style, class & impact skills - how to successfully utilise the 7 impact factors for yourself 
  • How to consciously address the mental cinema of your counterpart & build trust

The magic of your clothes - because outfits tell stories

  • The power of colours - knowing the message of your colour choice and using it consciously
  • Outfit Game Changer - understanding what suits you & supports the radiance of your personality
  • Style pyramid - always appear perfectly dressed and confident

Business Brillanz - Souverän Auftreten in Beruf & Gesellschaft

  • Empathie Excellence - der Schlüssel für erfolgreiche Beziehungen
  • Gastgeber Glamour - mit charmantem Hosting in jeder Rolle überzeugend glänzen
  • Small Talk Hacks - Geschickt Gespräche initiieren und führen, die Eindruck hinterlassen


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