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Fabian Seewald
Trainer Fabian Seewald
  • SeeArts ⭐️ Elevating Experiences 🤩 ShowReel 2023 🎭🚀

  • HyperActiveBeats - Falabares feat Robeat @ Wissensforum Stuttgart

  • 👉 Falabares 🌟 Start Up Juggling @ Digital Hero Festival 🥳

  • Hybrid Artist Concepts by Fabian Seewald @ TrendCom21 in the Kraftwerk Rottweil

  • Humans at the Heart: Fabian Seewald inspires the Lyon Light Festival Forum with the story of DUNDU 🌟

  • Keynote by Fabian Seewald - Create your own fusion

  • DUNDU Workshops 🌟 Co-Creation in Motion 💫 Inspiring Learning experiments through the Arts

  • The Art of Connection - BDSV in Dresden Oktober 2023

  • Fabian Seewald - Ein Licht geht auf

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Fabian Seewald, artist, speaker and entrepreneur, is an expert in experience design. He is a bridge builder between art and business. With a global wealth of experience from the social circus in Mexico, his time at IBM in India, his studies in America and now as a creative dynamo & performer at DUNDU and experience designer with SeeArts, he shares his passion: connecting people through art and setting them in motion. True to his motto: Art Changes People &People Change the World. His clients include start-ups, SMEs and international corporations. Today, Fabian Seewald is at home on the world's biggest stages around the globe. In his workshops, show acts & inspiring keynotes, Fabian Seewald takes his participants on an interactive journey and provides new learning impulses based on the latest findings in neuroscience. With his productions and innovative event designs, he knows how to create emotional experiences that connect and open up new perspectives. His joie de vivre is captivating and makes you want to break new ground. 


The Art of Change - Thinking innovation together & experiencing co-creation

  • How your team can artistically rediscover itself and playfully break down barriers 
  • How to sharpen your focus, increase productive creation and live change based on the latest scientific findings 
  • How to build your superhero team, bring them to life and  
    create new worlds 

The Art of Connection -  
Learning to experience synergy and trust through interaction  

  • How to harmonize body and mind with joie de vivre 
  • How to sense the organic breath in a team and feel the magic of resonance 
  • How teams can get into a creative flow and unleash unexpected potential 

The Art of Experience - creating encounters that change

  • How to create meaningful experiences that bring your team together 
  • How to use co-creation & artistic interventions to create encounters that inspire & anchor an emotional connection 
  • How to touch and move your guests with flow, joy & togetherness and make the event a lasting success 

Further topics: 
Connecting the Dots & Create your own Fusion - Rethinking & Feeling the Future 
Become Exponentially Human(e) - Together to the next level of humanity 
Puppet Thinking - team success through puppetry 
Artistic Recording - artistic summary with juggling & storytelling 

References & Press

Daimler, IBM, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz Consulting, Netze BW, House of Beautiful Business, MHP - A Porsche Company, viaStore, Zeiss


DGFP Lab, Design Thinking Conference D-Con @ HPI Potsdam, Best of Events, IMEX, Handelsblatt Change Congress, Singularity University, Change Revolution Days, World Business Dialogue

"Fabian's superpower is that he understands both sides: art & business. Through his inspiring manner and the creative workshop, he brought us together as a team and supported us on our journey to the team vision. His impulses were fresh and he connects people with his art & performance in a unique way that cannot be found anywhere else." 
Cihan Süğür (Head of Corporate Development & Strategy, MHP - A Porsche Company)


"Creative event and presentation formats are one of Fabian's trademarks. During the Corona period, we worked with him to very successfully explore the interactive and artistic possibilities of online and hybrid networking events. At our Future Conference with the IDEENSTARK Award Ceremony 2022, he provided an innovative highlight in the program with his 'Artistic Recording' performance."

Uli Winchenbach, Head of Events and Creative Industries Network Medien, and Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg 


"Fabian brings business and art together. Especially in the start-up sector, these are two sides that build each other up. With his innovative formats such as ArtWalk, Arts & Business Panel and the interactive performance, he inspired and engaged our audience of founders, industry and innovation representatives." 
Hannah Boomgaarden, Program Director, STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play


"Dundu links the intuitive human behavior with a component that is as crucial as oxygen: fun"
Steve Hummel


"Yes, there is definitely added value and, in my opinion, not just for social business. In principle, social software wants the same thing as team building and it fits very well with team building. But I also see that the cultural change to social business goes hand in hand with team building."
Dr. Alexander Richter, Collaboration Systems at the University of the Federal Armed Forces


"It emotionally stimulates teamwork and brings people closer together in a playful way. It helps to break through or lower emotional barriers."
Stefan Krüger, Leader Collaboration, IBM 


"I can recommend Fabian as a creative professional who strives for the best experiences and is willing to take on any challenge he can grow from. Fabian's strengths include his energetic ability to focus efforts in groups and communities to support the larger movements with and for community leaders. His care and attention, as well as his ability to listen carefully, demonstrate his exemplary ability to effect change. He thinks of others before he thinks of himself, and this quality is admirable in a creative professional who serves his community by giving so generously."
Ruud Janssen (Event Design Collective) 


Building the Bridge between Arts & Business

SeeArts Podcast

Building the Bridge between Arts & Business


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Presentation types

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Audience interaction

  • Online lecture

  • Workshop

  • Specialized lecture

  • Show-Act

  • Hosting

  • Business talk

  • Interview

  • Practical relevance

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