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Felix Wild was practically born with a field hockey stick in his hand: Grandpa, parents, aunt, uncle - they all won Olympic medals. In 2012, he himself became German champion with the Berlin Hockey Club, having only just ended his active field hockey career. Alongside sport, business is his second great passion: as a management consultant, Felix Wild has assisted several large corporations with transformation processes and is an expert in methods and strategies that can be transferred from sport to business. In his presentations, Felix Wild shows which principles and strategies we can transfer from successful top athletes and coaches to everyday working life - and why you don't even have to be athletic to do so. His focus is on digital and agile transformation. Together with his wife Lisa Uriel-Wild, Felix Wild has also published the book "the working game" (publication date: 04.06.2024), which deals with precisely this transferability of top sport principles: What can individuals, teams and entire organizations learn from top athletes, successful teams and their coaches?

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Coaching competitive sport - even off the pitch. Felix Wild offers the following presentations:


"Champions of Transformation" - Success strategies from elite sport:

  • Learn how the world of elite sport uses the power of the right stimuli to drive intrinsic motivation in team members and achieve lasting high performance
  • Discover how building a leadership coalition paves the way to a winning team and thus successfully supports transformation processes
  • Learn how top athletes use feedback as a driver for continuous development


"The coach can't score goals" - The art of team leadership:

  • Learn how to develop modern leadership skills to coach, motivate and mentor your team 
  • Learn how promoting personal responsibility and self-organization strengthens team spirit and leads to lasting motivation
  • Discover why clear rules and rituals create a positive team culture and increase efficiency
    Recognize how important it is to define clear roles and responsibilities in the team in order to achieve sustainable team success

References & Press

Excerpt from company references:


"Felix's presentation on the application of top sport principles was very inspiring! Emotional examples from sport also made concrete aspects for the further development of our teamwork more tangible. The topics of continuous development, focusing on goals, dealing with difficult situations and self-organization within the team were conveyed to us in a very inspiring and practical way. We were able to absorb the impulses directly and derive concrete measures from them."

Un-Seok Han

(Head of digital.strategy&innovation department, R+V Versicherung AG)


"Felix's presentation provided us with valuable impulses regarding goal focus, feedback culture and self-organization. The vivid examples from professional sports were super helpful, and Felix did an excellent job of transforming the concepts and strategies into suggestions for optimizing our collaboration in everyday working life. Thanks to his targeted consideration of our individual situation, we were subsequently able to derive concrete measures for improving cooperation from the suggestions."

Christoph Peiniger

(Managing Director, pemedia GmbH)


"This family is unique in Germany" Welt


"Felix and Luca Wild: The hockey-crazy brothers at WTHC" Wiesbadener Kurier

"The Kellers - a golden family" Berliner Morgenpost


"Champions after 47 years: Berliner HC wins field hockey title" Tagesspiegel


2012 German champion in field field hockey



the working game

ISBN : 3987550716

24.90 €




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