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Dr. Florian Langenscheidt

Lieber künstliche Intelligenz als natürliche Dummheit.



Industry, Economy & Finance


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Dr. Florian Langenscheidt
Entrepreneur Dr. Florian Langenscheidt
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  • ECON-Redner Florian Langenscheidts Vortrag "Vom Glück des Gründens"

  • Die Digitalisierung ist wichtiger als die französische und industrielle Revolution zusammen!

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Florian Langenscheidt is an extremely versatile and socially committed entrepreneur and publicist - and in the Hall of Fame of Germany's best speakers. His great-great-grandfather founded the world-renowned foreign language publishing house in 1856.In 1985, Florian Langenscheidt joined the management of the publishing house after studying philosophy and management. In 1988 he became a member of the executive board, responsible for programme and innovation, and a little later for electronic media, at Brockhaus and Duden. From 1992, he hosted talk shows for Bavarian television, founded and managed the children's charity CHILDREN FOR A BETTER WORLD, was a successful business angel many times over, wrote several bestsellers on the subject of happiness and sits on numerous advisory boards - he is an "entrepreneurial jack-of-all-trades", as the WELT once wrote. Florian Langenscheidt is the father of five children and lives by a lake in Berlin.


Curse or blessing? Digitalisation and how we make the best of it

  • We're only at the beginning: What's still in store for us
  • Education for all - All the knowledge of mankind at the push of a button?
  • Why disruption does not stop at 200 years of success stories
  • How digitalisation affects all areas of life
  • How you can develop your personal digital strategy and make history

The art of happiness

  • Thoughts that will make you a happier person
  • Optimism - The most important renewable energy
  • Happiness is a choice
  • Become the world champion of now-first-right
  • Gratitude instead of envy
  • The small moments are the big ones!

From the best family - Learning from the most successful family businesses

  • What you can learn from the five principles of renowned family businesses
  • How to optimally manage your succession and ensure sustainable success
  • How to rekindle the founding spirit in your company again and again
  • Where dangers lurk and how to counter them

The happiness of founding - How to make our country more creative and ourselves more courageous

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  • Spokesman of the Board of Trustees "Deutscher Gründerpreis" (German Business Founder Award)
  • Co-founder of the German Book Prize
  • Lead investor and business angel in internet companies from to Jochen Schweizer
  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CHILDREN FOR A BETTER WORLD
  • Curator of Stiftung Lesen and Deutsches Museum
  • Co-founder German Children and Youth Foundation
  • Curator German Academy for Language and Poetry
  • Author for DIE ZEIT, Capital, Forbes, Welt am Sonntag, MAX, FOCUS
  • Bavarian Television (1992-2002)
  • Presenter of "nachtclub" and "Münchner Runde

Honours and prizes

  • Federal Cross of Merit on a long ribbon (2016)
  • German Donor Award (2017)
  • German Speakers Hall of Fame

Books (excerpt)

  • Langenscheidt's Handbook to Happiness
  • Dictionary of the Optimist
  • German Brand Encyclopaedia
  • Brands of the Century
  • Encyclopaedia of German Family Businesses
  • Encyclopaedia of German World Market Leaders



Alt genug, um glücklich zu sein: Wie unser Leben mit jedem Jahr besser wird

ISBN : 3453207335

20.00 €


Vom Glück der Freiheit: Den Schritt in die Selbstständigkeit wagen - Mit Beiträgen 20 erfolgreicher Gründer*innen

ISBN : 3424202584

20.00 €


Das kleine Wörterbuch für Optimist*innen

ISBN : 3453605829

6.50 €



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Florian Langenscheidt was an expert at GaLaBau this year - Here is the result of the conference.

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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Business talk

  • Interview

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