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Florian Rejmanski
Trainer Florian Rejmanski
  • Das Band zu deinen Mitarbeitern - 5 Minuten mit Florian Rejmanski

  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit Florian Rejmanski

  • Sei ein COACH! - Mitarbeiter besser FÜHREN | Florian Rejmanski - Didacta 2023

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Speaker and trainer Florian Rejmanski is an expert in modern leadership and founder of AKADEMIE WISSEN. For him, personal development is one of the most important skills for tomorrow's success. Together with his training team, he supports entrepreneurs and managers on their way to a better, sustainable and meaningful leadership culture. Florian Rejmanski recognized his passion for speaking, sales and the stage at an early age. His motto is: "Everyone can talk, only very few can communicate." His clients include well-known companies from industry, trade and the service sector. Public figures also greatly appreciate the regular and valuable exchange with him for successful communication. With his likeable, entertaining and structured presentation style, Florian Rejmanski inspires his participants in all event formats, whether at kick-offs, customer events or management conferences.


The country needs new leadership
Why is leadership through working atmosphere more sustainable than leadership through enforcement?

  • Find your role! How you can lead authentically and sympathetically
  • Speak the language of your employees! How to create trust with the right words
  • Motivate individually! How to lead and retain your employees with a personal approach 

The art of communication

Communicate winningly with sympathy

  • Make an effective impression! How to be likeable and authentic
  • Communicate with confidence! How to speak the language of your counterpart
  • Confident in conflicts! How to convince with the right strategy even in difficult situations 

Turn buyers into customers!
Long-term customer relationships at eye level

  • How to recognize your customers and create an atmosphere of trust 
  • How to master your customers' language and use it to your advantage 
  • How to build long-term customer loyalty through potential analysis and commitment

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"Florian is very responsive to the participants and also takes care of personal concerns. He is able to explain the seminar content very well with practical examples. Thanks to various hands-on sessions, the seminar was never 'boring'. Florian impressed with his high level of expertise and his professional presentation style."
Allgeier ITS


"Florian responds well to each individual participant. He reinforces the seminar content with good practical examples. A speaker with a lot of experience!"
BCUBE Hessen GmbH


"Florian has a very personable manner and has a lot of experience in his seminar topics."
Lebenshilfe Werk FKB


"Florian conveyed the seminar content in an interesting way with a balanced amount of theory and practice. His open and relaxed manner created a relaxed atmosphere."
ProService GmbH


"Thanks to the very competent seminar leader and the small group size, there was very good support and an intensive exchange among the participants."
Elbracht Umformtechnik GmbH


Very professional seminar with practical content. Florian conveyed the seminar content very well and clearly. Highly recommended. Anonymous

Very good seminar in a great atmosphere with a very good seminar leader

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  • Audience interaction

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

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