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Freddie Rutz - Der Umweltmagier
Entertainer Freddie Rutz - Der Umweltmagier
  • Business Magier + Infotainer, Business Magician Freddie Rutz, Berlin - Zauberer für Messen

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The Environmental Magician® has been lucky enough to travel to over 75 countries around the world. Time and again, he was struck by the pollution of our planet: on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, in the slums of Sierra Leone or on the glaciers of the Alps. In the process, he stumbled over his own ecological footprint and decided to laugh about it with the audience. Laughter & Amazement with a Purpose is comedy magic without the finger pointing - a humorous push against daily excuses. This sustainable entertainment is best placed where people want to laugh and be amazed together, to see in the eyes of others: ha ha, you too! The Environmental Magician® is the link between science and the audience. He translates complex processes and facts with unique magic, quirky humor and touching poetry. How can we continue to enjoy the finer things in life while protecting the environment and the climate? Customers include companies from the renewable energy sector, recycling companies, municipal works, federal ministries, museums, political parties and associations. Trade fairs: The environmental show also works at trade fairs, events, congresses and symposia. The Environmental Magician® shows his program or presents new show elements specially developed for the customer. He brings the audience closer to sustainable topics, products or technologies and never delivers comparable standardized goods. At trade fairs, he directs visitors' attention and quickly focuses everyone on a sustainable product or strategy and helps to generate direct leads.


LIVE-MARKETING - Sustainable staging

  • How to turn your trade fair appearance into an experience, generate attention and magnetically attract visitors
  • How to stage your products sustainably and create sustainable desirability
  • How to use original interaction to transport people into the world of climate magic, overcome barriers and win over customers

The magic of wind power: from childhood dreams to sustainable energy

  • Introduction to the fascination for wind turbines and experience the simple wind turbine toy to the effective, portable wind turbine for on the go
  • Unique illusions: The intersection of technology, entertainment and environmental awareness
  • Alternative energies for the symphony of nature: A new and entertaining perspective on wind power and solar energy


Sustainable gold: the magic of recycling

  • Creativity meets environmental awareness for Freddie's unique productions
  • Magical entertainment for environmentally conscious events
  • Experience performances that enrich events while conveying environmentally conscious messages

References & Press

"With his prize at the German Magic Championships, the environmental magician is the first artist ever to perform enthusiastically with sustainable themes." Magic 2023

"It's great that you creatively supported us as an environmental magician to present the world's first CO2-reduced bluemint® steel at our symposium." V. Sonntag, thyssenkrupp

"A show with a strong message!" WIRberlin

"He shows us the funny side of sustainability and proves with new magical visions that a healthy environment is not an illusion." Kulturkalender Berlin

"Magic and ecology are no contradiction at our green event! The environmental magician performs sustainable "green" magic. His magic are environmental visions of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow." Brandenburg Tourism Day

"Your show is a pool of ideas and simple examples of how you can make an immediate positive impact on the environment with small changes in your own microcosm." Bielefeld Climate Week


"Having a solar panel appear right after the wind turbine - that's innovative, funny and live magic. You delivered highlights for solution-oriented sustainability in everyday life - thinking around the world is great fun! Thank you for your extremely creative work!"
R. Daniels, SL NaturEnergie


"The show was mega! I thank the wonderful artists for their inspired presentation! It was great! We sincerely thank you for your wonderful performance." Bettina Schneider, DPDHL



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