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Freddy Kremer
Entrepreneur Freddy Kremer
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Freddy Kremer, former board member of an international investment company, is an expert in B2B sales strategies. Previous stations in his career as an executive were management in a nationwide management consultancy and sales responsibility as a board member of a Hamburg-based issuing house. He has also long been regarded as a specialist in strategic corporate management. His passion for top-level sport made Freddy Kremer the European champion in international motor racing in 2005 and 2012. He knows how to transfer his experience with extreme situations in automotive sports and the success factors of top-class sports precisely to the corporate world. In his seminars and lectures, he inspires people with his authentic entrepreneurial personality and encourages them to focus on their strengths. Today, his passion belongs to the cooperation with executives, whom he successfully motivates to use their full potential and to work on the company's success with fun and new energy.


Leading in the high-speed age

Identify strengths and achieve disproportionate growth with the "potential-focused strategy
Sharpen branding so that people find you instead of having to search for you
Become the market leader with uniqueness in your segment and sustainably increase company results
Use "business telemetry" to manage your company faster

FIT for SUCCESS - Inspiration from top-class sports

Develop visions and goals and implement them successfully
Motivating yourself and others
Recognize defeats as opportunities and use them as energy for new successes
Dealing confidently with pressure to succeed and increasing your desire to perform

Networking in the age of digitalization

Intelligently combine the off- and online worlds and unite the best of both worlds
Become a target group owner and create a fertile environment for growth
Establish, cultivate and maintain the right relationships and thereby increase your company's success
Stage yourself and your company and become exciting for the market

Relationship management "Rich through relationships

Build the right relationships with key people
Be perceived by others as an interesting personality
Acting as a relationship broker
Difference between networking and relationship management

References & Press

Freddy Kremer is a bestselling author and passionate entrepreneur. He grew a company from €3 million to €700 million in sales in eight years.

About the bestseller "Rich through relationships":
"The new start-up boom in Germany makes it increasingly important to leverage experience and explore opportunities. Successful networking is of enormous importance for this. This book tells you how it works and gives you important addresses."
Carola Ferstl,
presenter of the Telebörse at n-tv and bestselling author


About the joint book
"Fit for Success" with Christa Kinshofer:
"I'm sure readers will benefit greatly from the practical management tips and exemplary careers of Freddy Kremer and Christa Kinshofer."
Franz Beckenbauer



Fit for Success

ISBN : 347824790X

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Reich durch Beziehungen: Durch die richtigen Kontakte zum Erfolg

ISBN : 3478249201

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Alfred J. Kremer Christa Kinshofer: Fit for Success

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3478247900

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Alfred J. Kremer: Reich durch Beziehungen

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3478245609

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