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Dr. Gabriele Castegnaro
Entrepreneur Dr. Gabriele Castegnaro

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Dr Gabriele Castegnaro, MBA, renowned (family) entrepreneur, is an expert in leadership, corporate culture and change management. She started her career in 1994 as a lawyer in a prestigious Munich commercial law firm, where her work was characterised by rational and analytical thinking. Initially against her parents' wishes, she decided to take on a management role in the family business in 2001. Initially, she was responsible for Human Resources, Social Affairs & Legal Affairs in the company management, and in the following years she also took over Sales & Marketing. During her time as company manager, Dr Gabriele Castegnaro learned that the people you surround yourself with in a company and the way you treat them are decisive for the quality of the customer relationship and therefore for market success.

Her overriding leadership principle is to reach people at their core. Today, as a keynote speaker, lecturer and consultant, she uses her knowledge and experience to help companies create a contemporary framework in which top performers can develop to their full potential - for the benefit of companies, managers and employees.


Talent- & ability-orientated leadership -  
The right people in the right place

  • How to define the right requirements profile and compare it with practice
  • How to identify high and low performers and draw the right conclusions from them
  • How to create talent and capability-orientated communication and training concepts 
    create a culture of excellence and generate sustainable growth

Excellence Recruiting - 
How to distinguish blenders from high performers

  • How to develop an interview concept to get to know the real person
  • How to create a recruiting process that attracts top performers
  • How to avoid expensive mistakes in the best possible way

Change management: 
Reaching people and mastering change

  • How to analyse the current situation and define your goal
  • How to embark on the journey, take people with you 
    and how you can deal with emotional resistance
  • What you gain once you have successfully implemented the change process


New Work - 
Corporate culture as a competitive advantage

  • How to create a framework for high performers & growth 
  • How to lead more efficiently and with less stress with the right communication concept
  • How you can actively influence employee loyalty and 
    how to create radiance as an employer brand


Further topics:


Business succession in family businesses - the dos and don'ts

Selling the family business - rational and emotional aspects

References & Press

Company foundation: Co-founded by grandfather in 1936, 
successfully developed & managed by the father.

Number of employees: approx. 700

Locations: Munich & Luxembourg

Turnover: 3-digit millions

Sale of the family business: 2021 to Breuninger


2016 Munich's best retail employer


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Expert Marketplace - Dr. Gabriele Castegnaro - Impressions 1
Expert Marketplace - Dr. Gabriele Castegnaro - Impressions 2

Presentation types

  • Business talk

  • Interview

  • Workshop

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Specialized lecture

  • Practical relevance

  • Online lecture

Required equipment

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Speaker's desk