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Gabriele Euchner, MBA
  • Über Krisenmanagement und mentale Stärke! Kurzvortrag 2023

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Gabriele Euchner, an inspiring personality and internationally sought-after speaker, executive coach and sparring partner for leaders. Her expertise lies in the area of leadership in difficult times, where she focuses on strengthening resilience, effective communication in times of change and leadership development. She holds the title "Encourager". Through her mental strength, Gabriele has lived through and survived borderline experiences that would have brought many people to their knees. Her life motto, "Like a phoenix from the ashes", was coined involuntarily. As a single Christian woman, she was caught in the middle of the Islamic civil war in Iran and had to hide for weeks before she was able to leave the country. She was confronted with a cancer diagnosis and an expected lifespan of six months and was bullied and dismissed as a top manager - these are just some of the obstacles she had to overcome in her private life and as a manager.


In her rousing talks, Gabriele talks about how to discover your own strength and potential and how to use it in difficult times. Her credo is: "Everything we need is already within us!" With extensive experience as Managing Director, General Manager Central Europe and General Manager Switzerland in the consumer goods industry, as well as a management coach and consultant, Gabriele has proven her leadership skills in various countries, including the DACH region and the USA. Her extensive international management experience ranges from strategic to operational aspects, including leading teams of up to 12,000 sales partners.

Her path is characterized by resilience, communication and diversity. Gabriele Euchner is not only an experienced leader and consultant, but also an inspiring life coach who shares her insights and wisdom to motivate and empower others. Her story is a fascinating example of how to find new strength and authenticity despite adversity.

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      Resilient people create resilient organizations

  • Resilience & Mental Strength: How do you lead yourself?
  • Conscious leadership: How do you lead your team?
  • Living values: It's time for a new leadership culture!

      "Always ON" - communication skills for managers

  • Leadership is communication. Communication is leadership
  • "What's in it for me?" - the neon sign on the forehead
  • Discover your communication type: decision-making process & communication style

      Diversity unites - international teams as a competitive advantage

  • Shaping an international culture
  • Promote innovative strength through international teams
  • Know and respect differences in behavior

References & Press

Speaking & Coaching Clients: e.g. Bayr. Versicherungskammer, Brückner Group, Colgate, German-Croatian Chamber of Commerce Zagreb, German-Canadian Chamber of Commerce Toronto, ehret + klein, Faber Castell Cosmetics, Hapag Lloyd, Infineon, Managementforum Starnberg, Microsoft, PSM Automotive, RWE, Sto Corp USA, Swarovski Austria, Unilever, Valeo, Wolf, Zarges.


Extract from company references:

Managementforum Starnberg

Elke Wiedmaier, managing partner

"Gabriele Euchner inspired a wide audience with her presentation "Like a phoenix from the ashes!".

She masterfully combined personal experience with comprehensive coaching knowledge.

The resulting approachability opens up spaces in which the feeling behind the word can be experienced.

behind the word. Heart and brain come together here, and that makes all the difference. A thousand thanks!"


German-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Zagreb

Stefanie Ziska, Managing Director

"Gabriele Euchner is the best in her field. And I speak from experience. I have worked with her in a team and as an individual manager!"

Taskforce Management on Demand AG

Thomas Erbeldinger, Managing Partner, Global E2E Supply Chain & Operational Excellence

"Ms. Euchner's resilience coaching was very valuable for me during a phase of professional uncertainty and dissatisfaction. Her direct and honest manner made me feel understood and challenged at the same time. Her coaching process was completely tailored to my professional and personal needs - a journey into my own personality. Our conversations and the coaching approach have strengthened my self-confidence: I have found my "old" strength again through the coaching and have also optimized my skills in individual areas, such as communication."


Ehret + Klein Real Estate, Starnberg

Franziska Düvelius, Corporate Communications & Research
"The presentation was inspiring, interesting and it was exciting to listen to her. Based on personal experiences, Ms. Euchner showed how everyone has what it takes to get out of difficult situations step by step or to rise "like a phoenix from the ashes"."


Wolf GmbH, Mainburg

Simon Reddig, Head of Wolf Campus

"Gabriele Euchner made a lasting impression on me from day one. I see her as a sparring partner with a lot of experience from top management. I really appreciate her advice and her clear statements on current issues that concern me."



Zurück Ins Spiel

ISBN : 979-8731179188

14.99 €


Mit dem Fußtritt aus der Chefetage

ISBN : 978-3648049051

20.00 €


Schlüsselfaktor Motivation!

ISBN : 978-3842397934

25.00 €


Erfolg als Entrepreneur

ISBN : 978-3827270177

4.99 €



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