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Gabriele Wimmler

Personality sells. Score points with charisma and self-confidence



Personality, Success & Motivation


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Gabriele Wimmler
Trainer Gabriele Wimmler
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  • Erfolgsfaktor Werte: Selbstwert steigert Mehrwert | Gabriele Wimmler

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The best way to win someone over to an idea, a product or a project is to generate enthusiasm. It is precisely this enthusiasm that Gabriele Wimmler awakens in every single participant. As an expert in the field of personal development and success, the long-standing speaker passes on her experience and knowledge to companies. She started her career as head of marketing for a well-known pharmaceutical company and as a trainer for the core DACH markets. With a great deal of flair and charm, she motivates people to give their best every day and to become aware of their uniqueness. The Salzburg native captivates her audience with in-depth knowledge, but above all with memorable examples from her everyday professional life. Gabriele Wimmler imparts a broad range of specialist knowledge from her successful marketing and sales activities and inspires people to perform. Her enthusiastic clients include well-known medium-sized companies as well as international corporations.


Personality sells. Scoring points with charisma and self-confidence

  • How to build mental strength and give your best with ease
  • How your inner attitude determines your charisma and your reality
  • How to recognize the effect of negative beliefs and how to transform them

Values as a success factor - appreciation as a motivational booster

  • How to develop new values in times of change and live them in your team
  • How to measurably increase your desire to perform simply and effectively and achieve your goals
  • How to awaken your own enthusiasm and that of those around you and shape the future together
  • How to win over your employees with trust, appreciation and warmth and strengthen team spirit

"Show the world who you really are"

  • How to become aware of your uniqueness and live your strengths and talents 
  • What gives you stability in turbulent times and makes you mentally strong
  • How to grow in the face of challenges and live a powerful, motivated professional life 
  • How you can get to know and control your own emotions better
  • How to program your mindset for success and focus on your goals

References & Press

"It was a firework of impulses. The seminar with Gabriele Wimmler was a great experience. Her way of motivating and inspiring people is impressive!" 
Markus Harrer, Manager, Client & Services EMEA at ION


"With professionalism, expertise and her warm, authentic manner, Ms. Wimmler succeeded in inspiring our employees and customers in the long term. She is an exceptional speaker and offers a unique seminar experience." 
Marco Baumann, Owner, RAUSCH AG, Switzerland


"Ms. Wimmler impressively managed to turn the PCA Day into a unique event. The feedback was correspondingly excellent. The great success was rewarded with standing ovations."
Walter Fortunat, Head of Marketing, PHOENIX, Vienna


"Gabriele Wimmler's enthusiasm gets people out of their comfort zone and gives them more self-confidence and self-assurance. She guarantees that employees in a team grow together again and go to work beaming with joy." 
Mag.pharm. Walter Barbisch, owner of Vorderland Apotheke


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Zeig der Welt, wer du wirklich bist: Steh zu deiner Persönlichkeit und stärke deinen Selbstwert

ISBN : 3990602993

19.95 €


Weil ich alles sein kann, was ich will

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3990601709

19.90 €

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  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Audience interaction

  • Online lecture

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