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Gerriet Danz

Ihr Körper baut pro Stunde 13 Milliarden neue Zellen! Perfekt, um innovativ zu werden!



Digitalization, Innovation & Future


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Gerriet Danz
Speaker Gerriet Danz
  • Gerriet Danz Online Vortrag Innovation

  • Keynote Speaker Gerriet Danz - Interview und Ausschnitt aus seinem Vortrag über Innovation

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Gerriet Danz has been one of the recognized experts on innovation and creativity for more than two decades. The lectures of the passionate pattern breaker, multiple start-up founder and bestselling author (CAMPUS/Randomhouse) are as inspiring and unusual as the mix of his experiences. First, he worked as creative director at international advertising agency BBDO, helping global players develop innovations. Career two leads to television: Gerriet Danz develops new TV formats and hosts the classic knowledge show "JEOPARDY" himself. In his appearances, he conveys in a motivating, humorous and practical way how companies can create a perfect innovation climate and overcome creativity barriers. SPIEGEL asked him,"... what really matters". Gerriet Danz is a lecturer at the Management School St. Gallen, advises, among others, the European Patent Office The Hague, is a member of the German Speakers Association and winner of the CONGA Award in the category "Speakers & Trainers".


Expedition Innovation!
The success codes of the rule breakers.

  • An inspiring business travel report on change
  • With the success strategies of international innovation leaders
  • From China to Tel Aviv to California
  • Wild ideas of lightning-fast start-ups - easy and fast to implement for medium-sized companies and corporations

Apokalyse wow!
Artificial intelligence - between enthusiasm and mortal fear

  • From artificial intelligence and human interaction
  • A quantum leap to participate
  • Which leadership and cultural factors make AI and Big Data possible in the first place

Utopia makes sales!
Why radical spinning around is a must today.

  • What you can learn from Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock for your business.
  • Why Amazon employs writers and you should too.
  • Thinking the impossible to create the possible.
  • How often you need to question your own business models.

Successful transformation - by science.

  • Why change is hard and how to make it easy
  • How to take everyone on this journey.
  • Why curiosity is gold and where to find it.
  • What science teaches us and what tools really work.

Fail! Go on! Cheer up!
Why more mistakes lead to more innovations.

  • Whoever falls 3000 times learns to walk. Whoever builds 5000 prototypes becomes a Dyson.
  • Failure means learning and getting better and better.
  • Will you be celebrated or fired for mistakes?
  • With concrete ideas on how to make error culture tangible and liveable

References & Press

"One of the best in his field!" Computerwoche
"It hails ideas ..." GQ
"...unorthodox approach!" LEADERSHIP
"Gerriet Danz ignites brand turbo!" TLZ
"With umbrella, charm and method." EVENT
"Gerriet Danz's methods work!" DUB Entrepreneur Magazine
"Knows how to stand out from the crowd: Gerriet Danz ..." NWZ

Customers among others:
Beiersdorf AG, BMW AG, CHANEL, Commerzbank, DELL, Fresenius, Wella, KYOCERA, Microsoft, MAN, Nestlé AG, NDR, OLYMPUS, ProSieben, Sat. 1, SCHOTT AG, IBM, McDonald's, SIEMENS, Philips, Tchibo 

"I found Gerriet Danz's presentation particularly terrific." Stephan Fuchs, Adobe Create Now

"Your keynote was great, super feedback from the teams. Keep in touch!" Nikolaus Huber, Managing Director, UNILEVER Austria

"Thank you for the exciting evening and the wonderful suggestions!" Birgit Opitz, Deutsche Post AG

"Was a lot of fun, very inspiring - for the whole team. The echo was very positive!" Steffen Lucas, DAIMLER AG

"Thanks for the ultra cool lecture!" Jörg Tölzel, BRANDAD Systems AG




Neu präsentieren: Begeistern und überzeugen mit den Erfolgsmethoden der Werbung

ISBN : 9783593397085

16.95 €


An die Wand geworfen: Die lustigsten PowerPoint-Präsentationen von Angela Merkel bis zum Weihnachtsmann

ISBN : 3453602862

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  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

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