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Prof. Graham Weale


Prof. Graham Weale has more than 40 years of experience in all areas of energy. He is Professor of Energy Economics at the Center for Environmental Management, Resources and Energy at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. His most recent positions were: Chief Economist of RWE AG, Germany's largest power producer (2007-16), Senior Advisor to the Commission for the Energy Transition (2017-18), Director of European Energy Services, Global Insight (now IHS Markit) (2000-2007). With his broad understanding of economics, policy and technology, he is able to provide in-depth insights into developments in the energy sector and provide a healthy reality check on ambitious government targets. He is a sought-after guest speaker on international stages, whose clients value his ability to think outside the box and challenge conventional wisdom. Prof. Weale lives and works in the industrial Ruhr area of Germany and is closely associated with both energy companies and energy-intensive industries.


Speeches are available in German and English

  • The new world energy outlook after the Russian invasion of the Ukraine
  • New corporate business models to meet climate goals (oil, power, and auto)
  • The EU Green Deal – the challenge to make it work
  • Inspiration from Germany’s Reallabore – clean energy projects for tomorrow
  • Power plant financing – keeping the lights on as electricity demand grows
  • Carbon pricing – its role and limitations in meeting climate goals
  • Energy-intensive industry decarbonisation – keeping production in Europe
  • Hydrogen for Europe – bringing reality to the national strategies.

Other topics on request

References & Press

“It was so useful to have the wider European perspective from an expert who is obviously so knowledgeable about key energy developments across the continent” Slovenia Energy Managers’ Conference 2019 

 “You explained so clearly the risks facing the power industry and why investors lost so much in recent years. I only hope that regulators will take your comments on board!” Platt’s European Power Summit 2018

 “We are only a small country and need to know what other countries are doing which could be relevant for us. Your insights from Scandinavia and California were most inspiring.” Ireland Energy Conference 2018

“You were the first person to explain so clearly why we need a new market design to keep nuclear power on the road.” Swiss Nuclear Forum 2017

 “Thank you for your excellent suggestions as to how the European Commission should refocus their Clean Energy Package – I hope they will listen to you”. Foratom Brussels 2016


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