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Günter Mainka

Experience marketing - winning customers emotionally



Marketing, Media & PR


Günter Mainka
Entertainer Günter Mainka
  • Günther Mainka

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Günter Mainka is a successful entrepreneur, keynote speaker, moderator and a sought-after event and marketing expert. He has received several coveted industry awards for his innovative achievements, including the FME's EVA Award. In the event industry, he is also known as the event pope. His contributions as an author and journalist have attracted a great deal of attention in trade magazines and books for years. Günter Mainka's lectures and seminars are characterized by his lively and humorous presentation style and his in-depth specialist knowledge. He uses new and unusual techniques and moments of surprise to create an impressive experience in the room. He is an encourager and infotainer whose practical and easy-to-implement tips are highly appreciated by audiences. He inspires participants at events, congresses and conferences and his unconventional ideas for imparting knowledge turn every presentation and lecture into an experience.


Experience marketing - Fall open or you're gone!

  • How to create customer experiences and trigger a desire to buy
  • How to attract attention and win new customers
  • How to use creativity, innovation and personality to expand your USP and generate growth

How to cry - crises can be opportunities

  • What to do when nothing works?
  • Made a mistake? This can help
  • Creative practical tips for a fresh start
  • Stories & interesting facts from 100 years of business

The power of communication - 
Trends, tips and ideas for customer acquisition

  • 5 steps - Internet success made easy
  • What you can learn from big brands for your business
  • How to recognize and avoid the 7 deadly sins of live communication

Digital awareness - Emotional. Inspiring. Unique.

  • How to create digital experiences for today's and tomorrow's customers
  • How to playfully win over customers with gamification 

Moderation of events, congresses and gala evenings

  • Entertaining and motivating
  • Quick-witted and spontaneous
  • Refreshing and inspiring

References & Press

His clients include well-known companies such as:

  • Best Western Germany
  • BVMW
  • German Seminar for Tourism (DSFT)
  • HSMA
  • IHK Potsdam
  • Lions Club
  • Rotary Club
  • RWE Rhein-Ruhr AG
  • Seminar & Conference Exchange
  • Savings Banks Association Baden-Württemberg
  • Management Circle
  • Maritim Hotels
  • VDMA
  • Congress Palais Kassel
  • Optics Network GmbH
  • Waterski Langenfeld GmbH
  • ASC Automobile Solution Center AG
  • Steigenberger Hotels AG


  • MBA Award 2003/2004
  • EVA Award 2004
  • Lions Appreciation Award 2005
  • EIBTM Award 2006
  • Conga Award Nominée 2007
  • Conga Award 2008
  • Business Diamond Award 2008
  • Citizenship Award Medal 2011
  • TMB Award Nominee 2012
  • Lions President's Appreciation Award 2013
  • Pro Agro Nominee 2014 
  • Capt. MICE Future Award 2018
  • Location Award 2018



Erlebnismarketing - das Erfolgsmarketing der Zukunft

ISBN : 3868680284

15.62 €


Presentation types

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Show-Act

Required equipment

Windows notebook
Windows notebook