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Gunnar Barghorn
Entrepreneur Gunnar Barghorn
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Gunnar Barghorn is an entrepreneur, speaker and author. He has been running his parents' company in the third generation for over 20 years. In a complex process of change, he concentrated the original eleven trades into three and created a modern working environment, a human company. Three values characterize his life and now also the company: Reliability, flexibility and loyalty. His human company stands for full concentration on customer benefit and maximum speed. The result is a high level of attraction and loyalty for customers as well as for the 100 or so employees, a people magnet. With his clear and entertaining language, he inspires entrepreneurs and managers of medium-sized companies to have the courage for more ease in management and organization. In his book "Der Humanunternehmer - Neue Leichtigkeit für Unternehmen", Gunnar Barghorn provides an unusually deep and honest insight into his company, what has worked and how, and what has not.


Der Humanunternehmer - Neue Leichtigkeit für Unternehmen
(Inspiration für Unternehmer und Führungskräfte)

  • Anders denken! Wie du mit neuen Glaubenssätzen vom Chef zum Ermöglicher wirst
  • Anders organisieren! Wie du mit klaren Strukturen Mitarbeiter in Sicherheit bringst und das Unternehmen auf Autopilot stellst
  • Anders gewinnen! Wie du mit pfiffigen und praxiserprobten Ideen neue Mitarbeiter findest und bindest

Anders gewinnen!
Schaffe deine Firmenfamilie und ein echtes Zuhause
(Innovative Ideen für Unternehmer und Personalverantwortliche)

  • Anziehung durch Beziehung - Der ganz andere Bewerbungsprozess
  • Buchen statt Suchen - Von deiner Zukunft GUT gefunden werden
  • Teilhabe hoch 4 - Engagement unfassbar steigern

Du bist die Braut
(Eine neue Welt für Arbeitnehmer)

  • Willst du mit uns gehen, kreuze an: ja/nein/vielleicht?
    - Deine neue Rolle am Arbeitsmarkt
  • Lustbetontes Arbeiten.
    - Gestalte deinen Arbeitsplatz mit dem richtigen Arbeitgeber
  • 10 unschlagbare Fragen.
    - Dein neuer Dialog mit Arbeitgebern

The human entrepreneur - New lightness for companies
(Inspiration for entrepreneurs and managers)

  • Think differently! How to go from boss to enabler with new beliefs
  • Organize differently! How to keep employees safe with clear structures and put the company on autopilot
  • Win differently! How to find and retain new employees with smart and tried-and-tested ideas

Win differently!
Create your company family and a real home
(Innovative ideas for entrepreneurs and HR managers)

  • Attraction through relationship - The completely different application process
  • Booking instead of searching - be found WELL by your future
  • Participation to the power of 4 - Increasing engagement beyond belief

You are the bride
(A new world for employees)

  • Do you want to go with us, check yes/no/maybe?
    - Your new role in the labor market
  • Work with pleasure.
    - Design your workplace with the right employer
  • 10 unbeatable questions.
    - Your new dialog with employers



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"Thank you very much. It was like picking flowers inside me!" Michael Reisüber

"Very authentic and motivating!" Dirk Schramme

"Gunnar is perfect as always!" Aljosza Szimanski

"Very good. I can't find any negative comments!" Gerrit Neu

"Fast. Competent. Entertaining." André Köller

"I will definitely read your book. I haven't been this motivated in a long time." Kerstin Ostendorp



Der Humanunternehmer

ISBN : 978-3752657906

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