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Harald Psaridis

Frontline Leadership - Leading by example and leading by example



Sales, Service & Sales Management


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Harald Psaridis
Speaker Harald Psaridis

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Harald Psaridis is an entrepreneur and trainer of the Sales Leadership Experts for Sales. He acquired his expert know-how during his 25 years in sales leadership for several well-known financial service providers. Influenced by his passion for sales development, he has conducted more than 10,000 candidate interviews and selected exactly the people for his team who were the right fit and led to sustainable top results. In his seminars, coaching sessions and lectures, he knows how to engage and develop participants with his practical knowledge and experience. He is a man from practice for practice, who inspires and motivates salespeople and managers with his motto "Leading by example".


Frontline Leadership – Leading by example and guiding

  • How to define your vision, agree on goals and implement them quickly and bindingly with your team
  • How to lead your employees with exemplary performance, inspire them, motivate them and create team spirit
  • How to tackle and master the daily challenges in sales and significantly increase your sales success

Talk is silver. Doing is gold

  • The ability to lead yourself in a results-oriented way is the key qualification for any professional and private success
  • Get to know twelve workouts with which you can train your implementation skills like a muscle
  • Learn how to activate your willpower, self-discipline and perseverance at any time and thereby turn your plans into results

Sales Leadership – How to attract the best salespeople ONLINE & OFFLINE and develop them into high performers

  • How to find and attract the right employees for your company
  • How to properly train, guide and lead your newly acquired salesperson
  • How to work out career prospects with your employee, develop him, promote him and create added value for everyone involved

References & Press

"When Harald Psaridis lectures on leadership and trains employees, you can feel his passion in the subject, his experience at all levels of leadership and his personal successes, especially in motivation, recruiting interviews and sales. He is a practical man."
Josef Paul Puntigam, Brigadegeneral i. R. österr. Bundesheer 

"I got to know Mr. Psaridis as an absolute motivator. He knows what he is talking about. His way of conveying content is incomparable. I can recommend Mr. Psaridis 100% as a trainer, speaker and coach. You will not find anyone better in Austria."
Robert Simak, Erste Bank Österreich 

"From the very beginning I was captivated by his enthusiasm and his winning personality. With Harald Psaridis, you can feel in every word that he himself has already tested and executed what was presented a thousand times. He is the absolutely most authentic top speaker!"
Christoph Bärfuss, Zürich Versicherung Schweiz

"The seminar contents of Mr.. Psaridis showed us that theory and practice do not have to be far apart. Everyone feels that he has lived all the principles he teaches himself in his career."
Verk.Dir. Alexander Neubauer, UNIQA Versicherungen AG



DER LEADER-MACHER: Führen statt Managen

ISBN : 3907100913

19.90 €


Reden ist Silber, Machen ist Gold: 15 Impulse, mit denen Sie Ihre Vorhaben garantiert in Ergebnisse umsetzen

ISBN : 9783527508440

19.99 €


FRONTLINE LEADERSHIP - Executive Edition So führen Sie Ihren Vertrieb zur Spitzenleistung

ISBN : 3200034289

0.00 €


Harald Psaridis: Reden ist Silber, Machen ist Gold

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3527508440

19.99 €


Harald Psaridis: Der LEADER - MACHER.

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3907100912

19.90 €


Harald Psaridis - Top 100 Speaker, Trainer and Leadership ExpertTraining implementation power like a muscleenseminar.inside, December 2013


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  • Infotainment

  • Impulses and motivation

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