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  • Zukunftsforscher Hartwin Maas über die Berufswahl der Jugendlichen

  • Zukunftsforscher Hartwin Maas, über die Generation Z und die Zukunft der Schulen #Zukunkuftsforscher

  • Keine #Zukunft ohne #Nachhaltigkeit #Zukunftsforscher Hartwin Maas

  • Zukunft der Jugend: Hartwin Maas, Zukunftsforscher | LABS Podcast #052 live vom fintropolis-Kongress

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Futurologist Hartwin Maas knows better than anyone how to make the possibilities of the future and digitalization understandable for every generation. Due to his exceptional achievements during his studies, the industrial engineer was awarded scholarships for the Master of International Business in the Netherlands and an MBA course in Malaysia. In both countries, he gained several years of professional experience, learned the languages and acquired valuable knowledge about the culture, country and people. For more than 18 years, Hartwin Maas has been working as a successful consultant for companies across all sectors, helping them to develop their future strategies. He also conducts research in the fields of human enhancement, generational research and the future topics of sustainability and digitalization. In his lectures and workshops, he succeeds in making the future tangible in a scientifically sound way and combining it with the right amount of humor. He also passes on his knowledge as a guest lecturer at various universities in Germany and abroad.


What makes digitized youth tick (Generation Alpha, Generation Z) - challenges and potentials 

  • Influence of digitalization on the different generations (from Gen Alpha to Best Ager)
  • Age diversity: changes in the digital understanding and behavior of the generations
  • New Work: A paradox for Generation Z

The skills needed in the future

  • Age diversity: The change in skills and our responsibilities
  • Advantageous skills for Generation Alpha
  • How will Generative Artificial Intelligence influence our future?

The digital world through the eyes of a futurologist

  • How will the next generations grow up?
  • What will our everyday lives look like in a few years' time?
  • How will the metaverse change society in the future?
  • Advantages and benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL)

Digitainability - digitalization and sustainability

  • Digitainability - a utopia?
  • Biological transformation: the bioeconomy in Industry 5.0
  • Human enhancement - cyborgs and bioware
  • Human-machine interaction as an opportunity for greater sustainability
  • Generative artificial intelligence (GKI)

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"The future of German digitalization - a commentary by futurologist Hartwin Maas." 
Knowledge management, Springerprofessional


"How harmful is the internet to the climate? Futurologist Hartwin Maas has been working on digitalization and sustainability for over two decades." Augsburger Allgemeine  


"How apps are fueling the smartphone addiction of Generation Z. Expert and futurologist Hartwin Maas explains." HORIZONT

"Futurologist Hartwin Maas researches and analyzes the digital transformation and the digital generation." WELT

"What future does the Corona generation have? Interview with futurologist Hartwin Maas." Westdeutsche Zeitung newspaper


"Hartwin Maas, futurologist at the Institute for Generation Research in Augsburg, has been studying the demands and needs of young people for years. In the MOPO interview, he talks about ideals and after-work radicalism, hard salary rounds and a great sense of justice." MOPO

"Futurologist Hartwin Maas explains how the digitalized generation is conquering the job market." 
Knowledge management, Springerprofessional


"Keynote speaker Hartwin Maas gave the keynote speech at SchuleWirtschaft 2019." BBW


"Digital transformation. The focus was on Hartwin Maas' keynote speech." DAA

...I had the pleasure of enjoying your keynote speech at the 2019 annual conference of SchuleWirtschaft Bayern in Amberg. And I mean "enjoy" in exactly the same way, because I found it fascinating and extremely interesting how you got to the heart of your research findings and conclusions. This has made many a "communication problem" comprehensible and explainable to me. In the meantime, I have been able to use my knowledge of the differences between generations in a number of discussions about different views on "professional ethics", commitment or "work-life balance"."
Harald Frankenberger, school inspector


"...at the SchuleWirtschaft conference in Amberg on 11.10.2019, we were very impressed by your presentation "What makes Generation Z tick - challenges and potentials"." 
Elisabeth Wieland, School Board Director, District of Augsburg


"Thank you very much for the absolutely informative facts and comparisons in your presentation. You have made the differences between the generations even clearer to me than I have experienced in my own life and family life." AOK Bavaria



Best-Ager-Marketing: Wie man die Zielgruppe 50plus verstehen und erreichen kann (Haufe Fachbuch)

ISBN : 3648169661

39.99 €


Projektcontrolling. Grundlagen, Ablauf, Aufgaben und Ziele im Überblick

ISBN : 3638879976

18.95 €


Project Controlling: Objectives, Tasks and Methods

ISBN : 3640459326

18.95 €



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