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  • Wie kann ich Emotionen in der Verhandlung für mich nutzen?

  • Verkaufen heißt nicht verhandeln: warum ich als Verhandlungsführer keinen last call bekommen möchte

  • 4 Tipps zur Verhandlungsrhetorik – rhetorisch gewachsen sein

  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit Heiko van Eckert

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Heiko van Eckert, keynote speaker & author, consultant, trainer and coach, is the expert for complex negotiations in the B2B sector and for the leadership personality man. He started his career as a sales representative in the IT industry and worked his way up to head of a sales branch. He gained his wealth of professional and personal experience in a wide range of positions from sales representative to CEO and in countless training courses, seminars and personal coaching sessions.


He founded salegro AG and managed it as CEO for a decade until he sold the company. His clients include well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. His experience as a project manager for international training and sales development projects in more than 20 countries played a key role in shaping his career. He has worked with more than 10,000 participants from over 60 countries on their sales strategies and negotiation skills. Heiko van Eckert has been a sought-after sparring partner for sales managers and negotiating teams for more than 25 years.


In his coaching sessions, training courses and lectures, he inspires with a profound transfer of know-how from practice for practice. His audiences benefit from his successful experience in the areas of sales, negotiations and leadership.


Heiko van Eckert is passionate about strengthening the leadership personality of men, leading responsibly with emotion and empathy and bringing his own personality into balance.


MAN leadership personality - men in balance

  • How to achieve fulfillment and satisfaction as well as success
  • How to find peace within yourself and be strong in leadership
  • How to deal with your emotions confidently and lead with empathy
  • How to reconcile the conflicting demands of responsibility: family, career and personality


Negotiating at eye level - the path to satisfied customers & better deals

  • Negotiating is not selling - how to endure conflict and win
  • How to negotiate intelligently instead of giving away discounts
  • How to achieve higher prices with the right strategy
  • More margin, more profit, more top deals - sparkling ideas for the negotiation pro


Negotiation poker - look the purchasing department in the cards

  • How to win the contract and achieve good margins at the same time
  • How sales can get on an equal footing with purchasing
  • How to recognize and counter negotiating tactics
  • How to turn the tables and outplay your opponent

References & Press

"Short, concise, effective - a guide to using the human component in sales."
Hans Roland, Division Manager msg systems AG


"I can recommend Heiko van Eckert to any German mechanical engineering company that wants to significantly improve collaboration and productivity in its international sales organization."

Markus Hüllmann, Managing Director of GEA Mechanical Equipment GmbH 

"He is one of us - a real business professional. With a lot of humor, Heiko van Eckert gets to the heart of what is important in negotiations. He shows even experienced salespeople how things really work in practice. A successful impulse for even more successful deals."

Manfred C., Sales Manager B2B


"Coincidence or method ... that's exactly what happens. Thank you very much, Heiko van Eckert, for the last 2 days of seminars with you. It was extremely important input for our sales team. We will be better equipped for the next negotiations."

Wolfgang Rein, Head of General Sales provadis GmbH, Frankfurt





ISBN : 978-3947572090

18.90 €


Das Pokerset für ein perfektes Pokerface in der Verhandlung

ISBN : B073B451K7

19.95 €


Grundwissen: Vertrieb: Strategie - Aufbau und Organisation

ISBN : 978-3589237494

9.32 €


Quo vadis Key Account Management?

ISBN : 978-3752803563

29.90 €


Impulse für Verkaufserfolge und Marketing

ISBN : 978-3766499356

27.40 €


Die besten Ideen für erfolgreiches Verkaufen

ISBN : 978-3869364377

22.90 €


Praxishandbuch Vertrieb

ISBN : 978-3589236817



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