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Henry Maske

Handing out, plugging in, boxing through - Boxing: a metaphor of life



Personality, Success & Motivation


Henry Maske
Speaker Henry Maske
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Henry Maske is an Olympic champion, IBF World Champion, Sportsman of the Year, Boxer of the Year, Bambi Award winner and Goldene Camera Award winner. In 2001, he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit. In 2012, he received the most important German sports award, the Golden Sports Pyramid of the "Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe" and was inducted into the Hall of Fame of German sports. A matter close to his heart was the establishment of the Henry Maske Foundation "A Place for Kids" in 1999, which supports disadvantaged children and young people. After the end of his first career, Henry Maske understood how to transfer the success principles of sports into business. As a franchisee, he operated up to ten McDonald's branches for almost 20 years. In mid-2020, the passion for boxing was reawakened in him and he became a partner in the company ROOQ. The Aachen-based company develops unique boxing technology. His lectures and business talks are a firework of impulses, motivation as well as inspiration. Henry Maske knows how to inspire people and gives them the courage to act on their own responsibility. True to his motto: "If you really want something and do everything for it, you can make it."


Only those who give up have lost!

  • If you have a clear goal in mind, you will not stumble 
  • How to create motivation and release tremendous energy with clear goals
  • How to develop and train a winning mentality
  • How your personal values can have a resounding effect or become the knock-out criterion
  • If you really want something and do everything for it, you can make it happen
  • The quality of "wanting" makes the difference
  • How to use the success factors of top-class sports for your business success

More topics:

  • "Deal, Take, Box Through - Boxing: a Metaphor of Life".
  • Are winners born! - The DNA of success 
  • Myth of motivation - Let's talk about the motive

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Box-Weltmeister und Speakers Excellence Henry Maske ist nicht nur Redner sondern auch Unternehmer. Hier ein interessanter Artikel dazu.

Interview mit Henry Maske 

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