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Holger Kracke
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The press calls him Mr. Feelgood - and that's exactly what Holger Kracke is all about. "Feeling good as the key: the human being in times of change." With his entertaining, surprising and yet surprisingly close to everyday life view, Holger Kracke picks up the audience from the first moment. How we manage to face the increasing challenges and make change our friend. How we feel good, satisfied and efficient and stay that way. The author, entrepreneur, trainer and chairman of the Federal Association for Burnout Prevention travels the world. Always on the lookout for new methods that lead to an increase in well-being and individual balance. Holger Kracke is today one of the most renowned experts for healthy performance and psychological / mental health in companies. Again, true to the motto: Mr. Feelgood makes you feel good!


Stay calm and feel good – this is how to feel good in challenging times! 

  • Enjoy a motivating, encouraging lecture.
  • With lightness, surprising depth, new insights and inspiration.
  • Why we can look forward to the future and how we can easily adapt to change.

Stay calm and feel good – EXECUTIVES EDITION

  • Lecture specially adapted to the situation of managers.

Healthy leadership! How to keep you and your team healthy and productive!

  • You will receive innovative tips and strategies that will make you and your team fit for current and future challenges.
  • Experience directly applicable impulses that will keep you and your team healthy, productive and motivated in the future
  • More confidence in dealing with yourself and stressed employees.


References & Press

"The 200 or so women entrepreneurs in attendance were thoroughly impressed by his expertise - coupled with his authentic personality. Mr. Kracke was an enrichment for our Women Entrepreneurs Forum and I congratulate every organizer who engages him as a speaker." Karin Thurnher-Furtner, Wirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg

"We, the Dorint Maison Messmer in Baden-Baden, were very fortunate to have Mr. Kracke as an inspiring, motivating and entertaining keynote speaker. With his charming and infectious personality, he convinced our customers all along the line. A big thank you for an unforgettable experience! Gladly again at any time!"
Peter Pusnik, Hoteldirektor, Dorint Maison Messmer Baden-Baden

"Holger Kracke knows how to inspire people, win them over and also fascinate them. I found his presentation excellent and entertaining. Congratulations on a successful lecture, which I can only highly recommend." Michael Hans Hahl, Market Intelligence Consultant, Kienbaum

"I book a lot of speakers for our business association and also hear professional many lectures. Holger Kracke's lecture was one of the best in all these lectures. He inspired me very much both in content and technically (way of speaking, presentation, rhetoric). Thank you very much!" Joachim Rumohr, Wirtschaftsvereinigung Mölln

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Entspannung und Potenzialentfaltung | Holger Kracke



Und jetzt ich! - In 60 Minuten zu mehr Leistungsfähigkeit, Zufriedenheit und Erfolg!

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3766499516

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