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Ina Menzer
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Ina Menzer, a legend of professional boxing who was the undisputed world champion in the ring for over a decade. With her impressive career, crowned by 17 world titles in the WIBF, WBC and WBO, Ina has taken the world of sport by storm. Today, she inspires as a keynote speaker with captivating insights into the challenges and triumphs of professional sport. Her clients include well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations.

Ina shares her experiences of pressure, goal achievement and resilience - drawing brilliant parallels between the world of elite sport and the business world. Her talks not only offer a unique perspective on success, but are also a source of inspiration on how to overcome obstacles and defeats and achieve personal goals. Be motivated by Ina Menzer's extraordinary story and wealth of experience and discover how the principles of success in sport can be applied to any business.



Clear the ring for success -
Benefit from the secrets of the most successful athletes

  • What you can learn from professional sport for your business success
  • How to learn to motivate yourself and achieve your goals
  • How to recognize, unleash and realize your full potential


Success is no coincidence - 7 steps that will really get you ahead

  • What it takes to achieve your goals
  • How to transfer the mental techniques of competitive sport to your everyday life
    and develop a winning mentality
  • How to visualize, emotionalize and achieve your goals

The DNA of champions - why you can do it too

  • How to achieve peak performance with the success virtues of professional sport
  • How to program your mindset for success
  • How to deal with setbacks properly and turn defeats into opportunities


Further topics:


Women in the male domain - How to fight your way in a man's world


Integration as a starting opportunity - How you can become a world champion in your new home country


References & Press


  • 32 fights: 31 wins, 11 knockouts, 1 loss
  • 17-time boxing world champion (WIBF, WBO, WBC, WIBA, WBF)
  • European champion WBO


Extract from company references:

AES Aircraft, Baker Huges, Caritas, CHT Germany, DAAD, Henkel, HGS/RGS (Studierendenwerk), InnoGames GmbH, JDB MEDIA GmbH, Meyer & Meyer, Nord-Ostsee-Automobile, Raiffeisenbank, Robinson Club GmbH, Schaeffler Automotive, Spardabank, Sparkasse, Xing

"We are delighted to have gained sportswoman Ina Menzer as an easy-going and ambitious cooperation partner for our projects. It's always fun to see Ina at BARMER's "Top athletes get employees moving" campaign or at After Work Fitness and to see how she encourages participants all over Germany to take up boxing." JDB MEDIA GmbH


"For us, this event was an absolute highlight that went down really well with everyone!"
InnoGames GmbH


"Ina inspires with her warm manner and manages to convey the joy of boxing to every guest - regardless of their level. She not only shows her expertise during training, she also knows how to impress outside the ring with her professionalism and open-minded manner." Robinson Club GmbH



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