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Osmium übernimmt als das letzte in den Markt eingeführte Edelmetall die Pole-Position!



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Ingo Wolf
Entrepreneur Ingo Wolf
  • Interview mit Ingo Wolf von den Osmium Instituten

  • Finanz'22 - Referat Osmium-Institut Schweiz

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Ingo Wolf founded a record company while studying physics at the Technical University of Munich, which later expanded its field of activity to include agency and event services. Dealing with ancillary copyrights led to the invention of RecordOnSilicon. Later, he became a television provider. Ingo Wolf invented linear IT-based television, which he patented almost a decade before YouTube. This resulted in 800 channels worldwide and corporate TV for companies such as MAN, BMW, Allianz, Audi and E-Plus. Ingo Wolf built electric vehicles and electric airtrikes. He was responsible for artificial intelligence in the European project medium GRID via Neuro-soft GmbH. His company Bulgarian Commodity Trade OOD worked in gold and antimony exploration fields in Bulgaria. With the exclusivity on the osmium market, he ended all other fields of activity within a year to dedicate himself exclusively to the market introduction and certification of the last precious metal. In his seminars and lectures he inspires the participants with expert knowledge and the latest information on the overriding politics and psychology of the precious metals markets.


The eighth precious metal introduces itself -. 
Why it is significantly more valuable than gold

  • What makes osmium stand out among precious metals and why it is so valuable 
  • Why osmium is an unforgeable tangible asset 
  • Where osmium is used and why it is going out 
  • How the osmium market works and how you can profit from it
  • How prices are generated and distributed

Presentation of the Osmium World Database - 
How ownership and security are guaranteed

  • How osmium is certified and how the data is secured
  • What are the benefits of international customs agreements in the trade of osmium
  • Why osmium is not resalable for thieves 
  • What are the responsibilities of the Osmium World Council?

Osmium in the luxury market 
What are the current and future applications

  • What started it all - Time pieces 
  • How is osmium used in luxury jewelry 
  • Why is osmium replacing diamonds?

The role of the Osmium Institute - Certification 
Certification, analytics and market introduction

  • How ethical sourcing and ethical trade are practiced
  • What publications are provided
  • Which securities do Osmium Institutes offer to the investor in kind?

References & Press

Osmium - the precious metal for eternity
For a few years now, the last precious metal with the sonorous name "Osmium" has been available on the international market. We think it is time for a look back, a current assessment of the opportunities with osmium and a cautious look into the future of the precious metal. Ingo Wolf, Director of the German Osmium Institute, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the "metal of myths" and gives an insight into the sparkling world of osmium. We want to find out what osmium
and how much it could influence other markets.
Financial World - 2021


Forbes Magazine - 2022


Scarcity creates value Skylounge


The German "Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH" (Osmium Institute for the Marketing and Certification of Osmium) serves the purpose of ensuring uniform handling in the trade and processing of crystalline osmium and to promote this internationally. The establishment of further institutes on the entire globe is the focus of the tasks. These institutes are already established on four continents. Financial world extra - 2021


Ekskluzivno za BIZLife, Ingo Wolf, direktor Instituta za osmijum u Nemačkoj, piše o poslednjem, najfascinantnijem i najsigurnijem
plemenitom metalu. BIZ Life - 2022

Gamechanger Osmium In precious metals heaven.
Why are we so emotional when it comes to precious metals?
And why does hardly anyone seem to know about osmium?
Classical Festival


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