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Jack Lampka simplifies and demystifies complex artificial intelligence (AI) topics for organizations of all sizes with pragmatism built on 27 years of data & AI expertise. Based on his successes and failures, he is coaching companies and delivering keynotes on the people aspect of AI adoption. It’s no longer data or technology that are roadblocks to AI adoption. It's the people: people developing AI solutions and people using them.


Jack has built and led data teams, developed data strategies, and accelerated AI adoption. He has enabled companies to turn data into business impact, supported executives with data-driven decisions, and cultivated data mindset through data literacy programs. All that has started after his MBA from the University of Washington in Seattle, USA and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from RWTH Aachen, Germany and continued in several doer and then ten years of leader roles at large high-tech companies (Tektronix & HP in the USA), pharma (MSD in Germany), and a startup in between.


What is AI? … No, really, what is it?

  • Is artificial intelligence about ChatGPT or Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator? 
  • Are the hype about AI and the fear of missing out (FOMO) justified today? 
  • How can AI be demystified and made tangible and understandable for everyone?
  • Why AI will not replace people, except those who don’t use it?


AI and data literacy for everyone: the booster for data-driven companies

  • What level of data mindset is needed in your organization? 
  • How can an AI and data literacy program achieve this?
  • Why is answering the question “What's in it for me?” crucial?


The success factors for AI adoption in your organization

  • Why do 70% of AI projects fail despite the wide data availability and the latest technologies? 
  • What role does the human factor play in the development teams?
  • How can data storytelling and the marketing concept of “5 Ps” contribute to success?


Data and AI strategy

  • What is a strategy? 
  • What components are needed for a successful data and AI strategy?
  • Why should you always start with the business needs?

References & Press

"Jack's talk was eye-opening and for me the best talk of the whole conference. Getting AI products adopted by employees is really hard to achieve. However, Jack distills the solution to one central question, gives orientation, and provides best practice examples."

Dr. Julia Zukrigl, CEO, DATA story LAB

“Jack impresses with his clear, pragmatic views and ability to consistently hit the mark. His likable and inspiring demeanor makes each of his presentations a standout experience.”

Kai-UweStahl , CEO, BI or DIE


“Actionable insights paired with an entertaining delivery. Jack's keynote made the conference for me.”

Christoph Hoffmann, Head of Data Solutions & AI, PROCON IT

“Mr. Jack Lampka was invited repeatedly on several occasions as a speaker and panel discussion leader to our AI and Data Analytics summits as his expertise in the field and his skills in presenting and engaging audiences have been unique. Always happy to have Jack with us at our events.”

Iva Tahova, Conference Producer, BERRY Professionals

“Your presentation was well delivered. I felt like you were talking directly with me.”

CDO, Biotech

“Thank you for being pragmatic and leaving the BS to others.”

Head of Strategy, Insurance


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