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Janina Vöhringer
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Janina Vöhringer's passion for singing from a young age through to writing and giving speeches is a common thread in everything she does. Her mission is to create space for people at special moments in their lives. Whether at company celebrations, anniversaries, weddings or funerals, she focuses on emotions and feelings.

Thanks to her multifaceted background - from her business studies, to her experience in the corporate context with a focus on HR & sales, to her training as a systemic NLP coach and her creative work as a songwriter and singer - Janina has the gift of being able to empathize with others quickly and with a great deal of empathy.

In our fast-paced & digital times, she manages to bring her audience into the here and now with her moderation, her singing and her work. Experience Janina Vöhringer in her colorful and effective moderation that stays with you.


      Moderation with space - approachable, authentic, sustainable

  • Experience emotional corporate moments in the here and now for eternity
  • Put the spotlight on your particularly effective employees
  • Find out more about the WHY of your team in personal interviews


      Moderation with song - emotional, inspiring, connecting

  • Texts that connect - stories that describe the company and its people
  • Songs that work - atmospheric moments that move your audience
  • Melodies that stick - individual songs for your company story

References & Press

Excerpt from company references:
VITHA Haircult, Vöhringer GmbH & Co KG, optimic


"Janina radiates such a positive and sensitive manner! She knows how to capture emotions and find meaningful words."

"Absolute heartfelt recommendation!.... From second 1 everything was so loving, emotional and very individually tailored to us..."

"What can I say - Janina is simply a person of the heart, from the very first second, I was her biggest fan!..."

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