Janine Mehner

Smart moderator for digitalization and sustainability



Communication, Rhetoric & Body Language


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Janine Mehner
Trainer Janine Mehner
  • SHOWREEL 2021 Moderatorin Janine Mehner, digital Event hybrid, Online Veranstaltung, Livestream

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International presenter Janine Mehner loves the stage in all its facets. She has been getting a taste of the theater since she was four years old, danced in competitions as a young girl and recognized her passion for the big stage at an early age. After studying acting, she went on to study journalism and completed a traineeship in television, where she gained her first experience in front of the camera. Today, Janine Mehner inspires with her high level of professionalism, sound preparation and approachability backstage and in front of the stage, whether at live, hybrid or digital events. From Baku to San Diego, she accompanies her clients from industry, business and politics with her smart moderation on topics such as digitalization, sustainability and education. When she's not on stage, Janine Mehner likes to travel with her hangover and campervan, true to her motto "From the stage to the countryside". As a journalist, she has recorded these travel stories in an entertaining and anecdotal way in her book "Meine Workation".


Moderation of digital events & livestreams

  • More than 2 million viewers in over 50 countries simultaneously
  • Experience as a TV presenter and professional handling of green screen, in-ear and teleprompter
  • With an eye for time management and a real talent for improvisation

Moderation of galas, award ceremonies and company anniversaries

  • "Festive doesn't have to mean formal!" - Charming, eloquent and stylish
  • Tactful - with the right line in the right place
  • For an atmospheric event that stays in your head

Business & entrepreneur talks

  • With journalistic and well-founded questions that make interview guests shine
  • Create a sense of togetherness in a relaxed, familiar atmosphere with empathy for the organizer, audience and talk guests
  • Getting to the heart of current and company-relevant topics

References & Press

"Thanks to her open, natural and emphatic manner, all speakers felt very comfortable in the discussion rounds and Janine always ensured that a natural flow of conversation was created. Janine is a key part of the success of our event series and we will certainly be happy to approach her again for future events." 
Ani Fellner, Marketing Professional Digital Business, Siemens LDA


"A likeable and professional moderator of the award gala of the National Award - Education for Sustainable Development 2021. She led through the evening confidently and with great esprit and was very well prepared in terms of content on the topic of education for sustainable development. The collaboration was highly professional and uncomplicated. Ms. Mehner was an enrichment for our event and we are happy to recommend her." 
Lukas Klünemann, German Unesco Commission, ESD Awards and ESD Prize Officer


"Authentic, natural, convincing." 
Andreas Weber, Bose Training Manager, Germany

Presentation types

  • Infotainment

  • Audience interaction

  • Workshop