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Jennifer Pickhan
Entrepreneur Jennifer Pickhan
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Jennifer Pickhan, Dipl. Betriebswirtin, Co-Founder & Senior Managing Partner of LegacyBuilders Global, entrepreneur by passion, is an expert when it comes to international asset and business building. With a degree in business administration, she started her career in real estate project development. Further stations were in the function of an appraiser for real estate valuation (TÜV-certified) and as a financial planner. Today, she passes on the wealth of successful experience she has gained over the past 20 years to her franchise partners and investors. She knows how to convey complex issues easily and understandably in her presentations. She inspires her participants with a firework of impulses when it comes to the successful handling of money and business building. True to her motto "Success is not a question of luck, it's a question of decision!", she places great emphasis on developing the right attitude for investing. She gives courage to make decisions and get into action.


Investment advice
How responsible wealth accumulation works

  • How you lay the foundation for responsible decision-making
  • How you empower clients to make good decisions
  • How to build a trusting partnership through transparent communication partnership
  • How you work together to build a portfolio that is right for your client's type
  • How to identify the true goals of your customers and anchor them emotionally
  • How to generate investment desire with mutual commitment and build wealth with "emotional ease

Investors Family — Better Investing as a Team

  • How to exchange ideas at eye level and grow continuously through swarm intelligence
  • How to share risks and measurably increase opportunities with co-investment strategies measurably increase
  • How to invest more easily and securely with proven global networks invest and profit internationally

Investment Mindset —
Personal and material growth is no coincidence

  • What you can learn from people who are already where you want to be
    where you want to be
  • How to go from being a victim to a winner and achieve everything you really want
  • How to learn to manage complexity and calculate risks
  • How you can use physical laws to build wealth

References & Press

"Working with Jennifer meant a real personal relief as well as human and professional enrichment for me. She is absolutely reliable, efficient and professional. Thanks to her wide-ranging specialist knowledge of real estate, capital investments and and innovation management, new opportunities have opened up and realistic
realistic implementation plans have been developed. I am very grateful to have followed the recommendation from my network to have come a big step closer to my goals thanks to Jennifer's commitment and expertise. Thank you and keep it coming back." Franziska Ambacher


"I have known Jennifer for a while now and got to know her as a focused and persistent person. Working with her, I also recognized a 100% commitment related to the goals and that led to great results. The results convinced me to be happy to continue working with Jennifer in the future." Ulrike Glänzer


"Jennifer is an experienced leader and entrepreneur. After building a great real estate business, she now partners with me to buy businesses. She is a fantastic person and great to work with." Philip Jepson


"I have known Jennifer for several years and have worked with her on various occasions. Jennifer is always a pleasure to work with. She is hands on, results oriented and a great team player. Having built successful businesses herself, she knows what it takes to get ahead in business. Her main strength is definitely her relationship building and networking skills. This allows her to leverage her network for her clients and partners. Jennifer likes to get things done, values personal and business growth, and shares very similar values with me, such as honesty, respect, and growth mindset." Mona Tenjo

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Pickhan on a variety of levels and projects. In every area she appears, she does an outstanding job. She is dedicated and reliable. She always strives to provide everyone with the best possible support, tailored to their individual needs. No matter what area Jennifer supports with her top-notch knowledge and work in real estate, entrepreneurship, or her hands-on expertise as a leader. She is always on point and gives all she has to offer. I highly recommend her and LegacyBuilders Global as the perfect partner if you are looking to grow your portfolio, your business or as an individual." Xenia Knapp


"Working with Jennifer and her husband Jan-Marc on major investment deals as well as building their franchise business is always straightforward.

Her focus is always on the outcome of the deals with profits for both parties. She is a hardworking, trustworthy and honest woman who knows her business well. She the rules and is a tough and fair leader. Having Jennifer on your team or as a business partner will move your projects forward quickly, and I highly recommend her." Reto Winkler

"I have the privilege of working for Jennifer Pickhan. And I am continually impressed with how she has been able to help many real estate investors and business owners who want to make a profit on their real estate investments. With her positive mindset and commendable knowledge, I highly recommend her and LegacyBuilders Global for business owners, brokers and real estate investors who want to experience a high performance real estate business." Sharon A.


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