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Jenny Winkler

"Moderation to the point - with passion & entertainment!"



Communication, Rhetoric & Body Language


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Jenny Winkler
Trainer Jenny Winkler
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Jenny Winkler, presenter, actress and singer, is an expert in performance and communication. Her artistic path began in early childhood with stage performances, singing and learning several instruments. The decision to deepen her musical education led her to study musical theatre at the renowned Joop van den Ende Academy in Hamburg.

Engagements in "Mamma Mia!", "The Little Shop of Horrors", "The Wizard of Oz" and others have taken her all over Germany. Her varied career has been enriched by further training as a presenter at the Moderatorenschule BW and the RTL Journalistenschule, where she acquired skills that she now uses to build bridges between people. In addition to theatre, she can now be seen as a presenter of various TV formats, events and trade fairs and can be heard as a dubbing artist and commercial speaker. Jenny uses her voice and her talent to create a connection between guests and audience on stage and on television, always creating a harmonious atmosphere in which everyone feels seen and understood. She stands for a moderation that is memorable and leaves the audience with a feeling of enrichment.


Business Talks, Panels & Interviews

  • Journalistically sound & entertainingly presented
  • Conversational atmosphere at eye level & still to the point
  • inspiring, stimulating & emotional

Galas, shows & award ceremonies

  • rousing & refreshingly different
  • witty, humorous & creative
  • brings every topic to life with its entertainment qualities

Trade fairs, events & conferences

  • quick-witted, flexible & spontaneous
  • activating, inspiring & animating
  • makes products tangible, perceptible & experienceable


Online events & podcasts

  • The experienced TV and podcast presenter also inspires her audience online with her presence & voice

References & Press

Extract from company references & TV:
Avacon, DZ Privat Bank, Sparkassen, TK Maxx, Marathon Karlsruhe, Wirschafts-Junioren Südpfalz, trade fairs such as the CMT holiday fair Stuttgart, Spielemesse Stuttgart, Ideen Expo, Best of Events, Pro Light & Sounds, ISH Frankfurt, award ceremonies, galas, Hans Rosenthal Ehrenpreis, Drees & Sommer, MCF Corperate Finance, Copetri Convention, European Training Award Ceremony, GSA Winterconference, Health Media Award, Townhall with Kevin Künerth


TV & Web:

Stuttgarter Zeitung Online, church TV magazine for bw Family TV, Hallo Benjamin, Dieser Weg - Magazin bw Family TV & BibelTV, explanatory films for Stabilo, LAGZ


"Jenny is fantastic! It's unbelievable how she campaigned for our project in advance, provided information and made improvements on her own initiative. Perfectly prepared and a pleasant enrichment for every one of our target groups. She turned our open day into a varied event by presenting the content in the best possible way and looking after our guests with respect. The icing on the cake was the musical accompaniment with her singing. Thank you Jenny - our first choice again at any time."
Sascha Diener, Head of Operations, Erlebniswelt Grusellabyrinth NRW


"I particularly appreciate Jenny Winkler's spontaneity and flexibility when it comes to open questions. She keeps the tension and yet always continues to spin the red thread. She is one of the few moderators who does not lose the stringency and plausibility of the moderation or the necessary focus on the dialogue partners or the camera, even when things are moving."
Dan Peter, Church Councillor, Head of Division at the Evangelical Church Council and Managing Director of Evangelisches Medienhaus GmbH


"Jenny has a very positive attitude and she radiates this during the interview. You are immediately infected by her manner and her personal approach to the topic dispels any kind of fear and stage fright. We really enjoyed conducting this interview with her and are delighted to know Jenny."
Jana Evers & Mark Schulze, digital nomads and graphic designers from Project Justus


"She simply has the enthusiasm gene."  Melanie Eschle, Head of Marketing & PR Impulspiloten GmbH


"It was the most charming, warm and competent moderation I have experienced in a long time." 
Sandra Schubert, Schubs Vertriebskonzepte



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Presentation types

  • Business talk

  • Interview

  • Hosting

  • Infotainment

  • Online lecture

  • Audience interaction

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