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Jörg Hawlitzeck

The only revolution that really makes a difference is the one that takes place within yourself.



Management, Leadership & Change


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Jörg Hawlitzeck
Speaker Jörg Hawlitzeck
  • Leadership - Mindset der Zukunft | Jörg Hawlitzeck

  • Leadership Mindset

  • Das richtige Mindset | Jörg Hawlitzeck

  • 30 Minuten Agiles Mindset

  • Zukunfts-Mindset

  • Das Zukunfts-Mindset

  • The future mindset: if not you, then who...?

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Jörg Hawlitzeck, executive mentor, author and speaker, is the expert for MINDSET in leadership and for entrepreneurial success. As Managing Partner of Business Culture in Cologne, the trained (business) philosopher is himself a passionate entrepreneur and has been supporting organizations and their leaders in their further development for 20 years. His clients include start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and international corporations. Jörg Hawlitzeck became enthusiastic early on about what makes people tick and what drives them. In previous positions in the tourism, entertainment and media industries, he quickly discovered that mental attitude is the decisive factor for success. He lives what he talks about. In his speeches he inspires his audience with plain language and his inspiring, humorous manner. His keynotes offer numerous experiences from his own practice, scientific findings and profundity plus a refreshing impulse of optimism. He tirelessly inspires people to start with themselves, to break boundaries and courageously try out new possibilities.


The Future Mindset: How you'll still be in the game tomorrow!

  • 4 Cs - Success factors for the future
  • Change of perspective beats tunnel vision
  • Bye, bye operational blindness - welcome opportunity intelligence

Leadership Mindset: How to reach the innermost core of your employees

  • The path to more creativity, freedom and intrinsic motivation.
  • Refocus: Empowerment instead of ego trip
  • How to harness the power of natural authority

Agile Mindset: Why the best solutions are created along the way

  • How an agile mindset becomes a booster
  • The guarantor for more growth: Rapid adaptability in the team
  • Personal responsibility replaces a catalog of excuses

More topics:

Awaken the revolutionary in you! - How to successfully shape your future

Management hacks: How to avoid the biggest leadership pitfalls

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With your entertaining, humorous but at the same time with the absolutely indispensable depth of your lecture, you succeeded with a light hand in building up energy and transferring the impulse for a differentiated view of oneself and daily processes to the approximately 300 participants. We would like to thank you once again for enriching our event!
Bauwirtschaft Rheinland-Pfalz

"Despite 'overzooming' in the pandemic, Jörg delivered real value to our organization. Great presentation, engagement and relevance to all staff in an entertaining and thought provoking way.
Thank you Jörg, again and again!!!"
KAO Germany GmbH

"In his lecture, Jörg makes the content directly tangible and conveys exciting food for thought that can be easily implemented in everyday life."
R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG

"Jörg gave us exactly the right impetus on the topic of digitalization and mindset." Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse

"With his very authentic and likeable manner, Jörg managed to reach our team and inspire them for the future mindset. He gave us important impulses and a lot of motivation for our own further development." Capgemini

"Best event in 30 professional years." Amman AG

"Thank you very much for your outstanding impulse! Our team was thrilled." Emmi AG

"Jörg preaches water and drinks it too. If I had to give a rating, it would be 100 out of 100." Kann GmbH Baustoffwerke



Das Zukunfts-Mindset: Neun Strategien, um auch morgen noch im Spiel zu sein

ISBN : 3658207949

24.99 €


30 Minuten Agiles Mindset

ISBN : 3967390187

9.90 €


30 Minuten Agiles Mindset (Deutsch) Taschenbuch - 15. September 2020

ISBN : 9783967390186

9.90 €


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We live in extraordinary times! The Corona virus and the way we deal with it force us to be more self-confident, actual and sustainable. Good prerequisites for excellent leadership, also in the world after Corona.

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