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Jörg Mosler

Winning employees means winning people!



Management, Leadership & Change


Jörg Mosler
Speaker Jörg Mosler
  • Wofür stehst du? So gewinnst du den Mut, deine Überzeugung zu kommunizieren // Jörg Mosler

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Jörg Mosler, author & speaker, is an expert in recruiting employees and trainees in trade and medium-sized businesses. On this topic he has been on stage in 8 European countries and has written 3 books. His professional career began in the skilled trades. The trained master roofer was active in the trade for 16 years, 10 of them as an entrepreneur. His lecture clients include well-known trade associations and companies such as Vaillant, Brillux, Roto and many more. In his lectures and seminars he inspires his participants with a firework of impulses around the topic: employee and trainee recruitment. Jörg Mosler knows how to captivate his audience with his energy and dynamism. He encourages people to take new paths in the recruitment of employees.


Attention - 
Who does not know you, can not work for you

  • Why small and medium-sized companies in particular have good opportunities to win over employees and trainees
  • How to generate targeted attention and use it for your employer branding
  • How to turn employees and customers into active ambassadors for the company

People are a matter for the boss - 
How you as a boss become an employee and trainee magnet

  • Which crucial questions you as an entrepreneur must have an answer to in the future
  • How to cleverly market your employer brand online and attract more applicants
  • Which attributes make a company really attractive

The skilled worker formula - 
Recruiting employees for the skilled crafts of the future

  • How to stand out from your competitors for the best talent with a simple strategy 
  • How a skilled trades company uses emotional stories to generate targeted attention
  • How digital media can be used to strengthen the employer brand

References & Press

"Authentic and at eye level with the audience. Competent and humorous at the same time. Our customers were thrilled. Gladly again."
Andreas Keller, Vorstand Repanet e.V. 

"The participants were thrilled!"
Dr. Anne Majerus, Service eHandwierk Luxembourg

"Thank you very much for the inspiring lecture"
Nathalie Ullrich, Agentur für Arbeit Essen

"Thank you very much for the lively and rousing presentation. You inspired our guests and left a lasting impression."
Anna Krawitz, Brillux GmbH & Co, KG
"A speaker from the field who knows how to inspire the audience with passionate commitment and striking examples of the idea of craftsmanship."
Prof. Dr. Elmar Forster, Hauptgeschäftsführer Handwerkskammer für Mittelfranken
"Your presentations are moving. It's wonderful how you talk about passion - we are inspired!" Stephanie Hollenstein, Wirtschaftskammer Vorarlberg
"Your presentation was very well received! Thank you very much for being with us"
Brigitte Honsdorf, Güteschutzverband Stahlgerüstbau e. V.
"Thank you very much for your view beyond the end of your nose. The impressions of the lecture still have an impact today and can be placed very well in everyday life."
Bastian Störk, Handwerkskammer Ulm




Chefsache Mensch: Warum Sie in der Mitarbeitergewinnung radikal umdenken müssen

ISBN : 3750415439

24.99 €


Die Fachkräfteformel: Mitarbeitergewinnung für das Handwerk der Zukunft

ISBN : 3746086248

21.99 €


Glücksschmiede Handwerk: Erfolg wird aus Leidenschaft gemacht

ISBN : 9783658129910

24.95 €



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  • Audience interaction

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

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