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Dr. med. Johannes Wimmer
Speaker Dr. med. Johannes Wimmer
  • DMEA 2022 - Drei Fragen an Dr. med. Johannes Wimmer

  • Raus aus der Opferrolle I Dr. Johannes Wimmer

  • Wie man die Ohren richtig säubert | Dr. Johannes Wimmer

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Johannes Wimmer, MD, is an expert in health, resilience and digital medicine. He is also known as a TV presenter, SPIEGEL bestselling author and YouTube expert. When it comes to communicating complex issues, emotionally challenging topics and knowledge of human nature with charm, understanding and the necessary dose of humor, Dr. Wimmer is indispensable. Born in Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Wimmer studied medicine in Germany, China and the USA. He worked in emergency rooms and most recently as a staff physician at the Bundeswehr Hospital in Berlin. As a persuasive healthcare consultant, he oversaw projects in Saudi Arabia, China and the USA. Ten years ago, television recognized his potential to take him beyond medicine to present. Whether as a permanent presenter of the NDR talk show or his own TV formats, expert in political rounds or speaker on international stages, Dr. Wimmer convinces with his closeness to people and entertaining knowledge transfer. In his lectures and event moderations at home and abroad, he impresses with his passionate exchange with the audience. Since 2020, he has been an ambassador for "A Heart for Children" and Dietmar Hopp's KiTZ Children's Tumor Center.


Medicine in transition - 
How digitalization is shaking up the healthcare market

  • The patient journey in times of Dr. Google & Co.
  • Can artificial intelligence provide better medicine
  • How to get the best of both worlds and what the future will bring

When the Fist of the Universe Strikes -. 
How you grow from challenges & crises

  • How to master crises in 3 steps
  • How to activate self-efficacy even in big challenges and use it for yourself
  • My personal tools for hard times

The 3 big fitters - 
Everything for an energetic professional and private life

  • How important your gut feeling is and why you should listen to it more
  • How to understand and strengthen your defenses
  • How to manage your personal resources smartly and keep your energy permanently at a high level

Not all stress is the same -
It can draw strength from us, but also inspire us

  • How to recognize your power robbers, eliminate them and use the gained energy for yourself 
  • How to separate good stress from bad stress and focus on the essentials 
  • Resilience as a success factor - How to build up your resilience step by step and stand strong in life

References & Press

TV shows:

  • NDR Talk Show
  • Sat1 - The Dr. Wimmer Show
  • ARD - live more easily
  • VOX - We are small and you are old
  • NDR - Dr. Wimmer Talk - Knowledge is the best medicine
  • NDR - The medicine quiz with Dr. Wimmer


  • Techniker Krankenkasse
  • Bundespresseamt
  • Hopp Kindertumorzentrum KiTZ Heidelberg
  • SONY Television
  • GU Gräfe und Unzer 
  • KPMG
  • Oral B
  • Bits and Pretzels Healthtech


"Not only the content and our expert, but also Dr. Wimmer as a presenter was particularly well received by our audience."
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum GmbH

"The video series with Dr Wimmer has been great. We are all proud of the project."
Hopp-Kindertumorenzentrum Heidelberg

"We are pleased about the digital -know-how of the most successful media medicine company made in Germany."
Wort und Bild Verlag 



Wenn die Faust des Universums zuschlägt (Gräfe und Unzer)

ISBN : 3833881046

19.24 €


Die 3 großen Fitmacher: Warum Darmgesundheit, gesunder Schlaf und ein starkes Immunsystem überlebenswichtig sind (GU Gesundheit)

ISBN : 3833878738

16.99 €


Medizin - endlich verständlich: Wissen, auf das keiner verzichten sollte (Meditainment - Wimmer)

ISBN : 3833877243

14.99 €


Meine Hormone - Bin ich ferngesteuert?: Den mächtigen Botenstoffen auf der Spur (GU Ratgeber Gesundheit)

ISBN : 383386687X

14.99 €



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